Make Hofstra Ice Hockey Great Again

As the president of the team I pretty much just set up everything um i make sure that we are in a league and even though i take the role of President I do give credit to my VP and my treasurer because they do a lot of the work to to make sure that it’s set for all the guys on the team and everything is in place so we can have a good season Alright and you’re also the captain right? Yes I am. So what kind of responsibilities does that entail? Um, I’m not sure yet because for the past year, last year we had a couple captain’s that didn’t really take on the full responsibility of being captain but you just gotta be a leader on the ice you can’t be a hypocrite and you can’t like, take stupid penalties… I saw the uh sign for “Make Hofstra Ice Hockey Great Again” made it on the news. When did hofstra ice hockey stop being great? there’s about five years or so it wasn’t what it used to be. um, a lot of kids they only had like ten kids playing if know anything about hockey, 10 kids is not enough to run a team that would “pay their dues” or “say they would pay their dues” they never did, they’d graduate. so they kinda left us in a little hole to dig ourselves out of which we successfully have. Our coaches have been through a lot because they know what it’s like to succeed and they haven’t had the right kids to help them succeed and we’re hoping that we can start the snowball and get it rollin. Make Hofstra Ice Hockey Great Again! Hahaha Alright, thank you very much. No problem.

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