Make Pottery Tips : Using a Pottery Wheel & the Bat

On behalf of, my name is
Mark Coy and we are sitting down here getting ready to prepare the wheel for throwing a
pot. This is what we call a bat. This is a synthetic bat. Some are made out of wood and
some are made out of a type of plaster. This is a plastic resin and in this case, this
one is just a little bit loose and so what I do instead of just going out and buying
another bat, right off because it is a good vat but it is just a little bit loose on the
pins on the wheel head here and so I just put a little bit of paper over those pins
which tightens everything up. Then I am going to take and snap those holes right over those
and make sure it is down tight because when you start pulling up you don’t want to pull
the thing off and have it fly and hit you or break something or make a mess and ruin
your pot. Then I take a damp sponge, not a soaking wet sponge and moisten the vat. This
helps with getting the clay to stick because the only thing that is really holding this
thing on is the moisture suction of the ball of clay.

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