Making An Old School Baseball Bat – NO LATHE

Okay, so before we get started on the video I want to talk about today’s sponsor simply safe now simply safe provides home security systems that monitor your house 24/7 you can control it from your smartphone or your computer if you remember It’s probably out a month ago. My shop flooded now simply safe has a component to their system that will alert you to any water Flooding in your home got a little water here. And the sensor. It’s got these little metal contact points I’m sure that’s what the text alarms got put on here and see that goes So you hear that the system beep trigger that’s pretty cool so I know if that thing goes off Okay, so that’s kind of funny that phone call actually ignored was actually simply safe control center calling me because they got a water alert To their system they’ll call me and then I have a list of contacts below that if I don’t answer they’re gonna start calling those Contacts and leave a voicemail no one answers. So that’s pretty cool that that happened got a chance to kind of figure out that system And it worked which is awesome. I can monitor it security wise. I have a glass break sensor I have two motion sensors, and then I have sensors at each door and these two windows There’s sensors on the system also has a smoke detector, which is a huge deal for the shop because obviously there’s a lot of finishing Chemicals that are highly flammable. So thank you to simply say for providing such an awesome security system Very happy to have it if you’re interested in getting one head over to WWF comm forward slash Andy Rawls. Thanks again is simply safe and let’s get started on this baseball bat I’ll start by roughing out a blank on my 93 year old Oliver bandsaw The blank is about 2.5″ x 2.5″ square I’ve milled the blank now to its final size I’m using this jig to cut the profile of the bat on my bandsaw Notice the plywood guide attached the bandsaw table I’ll run my jig along this plywood guide to cut the profile This technique takes practice but works very well I rotate the bat and make this cut on all four faces Now you can start to see the profile of the bat taking shape With the profile of the bat established I can work it round using my spokeshaves This process starts by shaping the bat into an octagon I’m using my wooden spokeshave set for a heavy cut Now that I’ve shaped the bat into an octagon its much easier to form it into a cylinder using spokeshaves I use my flat sole spokeshave for most of the work here Handle broke! Now I’m using my spokeshave to shape a slight round over on the end of the bat Here I’m using a dowel plat to cut a 5/8″ tenon on the end of the bat This is how dowels were made before Home Depot arrived! The dowel plate can only cut so much at once, so I remove waste and do it in steps I use my gouge to cut away the waste I place the dowel plate over hole in my workbench and pound away With the tenon finished I’m using my handsaw to cut a kerf for a wedge Now I can glue on the knob using epoxy from Total Boat The knob gets wedge in place I cut the wedge off but leave the tenon protruding The wedge actually causes the tenon to mushroom out above the knob locking it in place Now I need to cut the knob out, its roughly 2″ in diameter I use my small bandsaw to rough out the shape Now I can use my disc sander to shape it round Now I need to round over both edges of the knob The outside edge is easily done with spokeshaves The inside edge is a little more challenging I have to use my rasp to form it I use some sandpaper to clean up the rasp marks I finish it with boiled linseed oil Finally I mark it with my AR brand from Pittsburg Foundrey, link in description Now its time to try it out…thanks for tuning in!

100 thoughts on “Making An Old School Baseball Bat – NO LATHE

  1. Please listen and listen carefully because this may help you in the future with projects, that bat is f'ing awesome as $%#@!

  2. I got to 1:16 of this video,you was ranting about water censors,that is when i turned this of,as i HATE adverts. I will not watch TV because it is full of them. And since i do not watch TV thank GOD for Adblock .

  3. You need to do a voice over or add your own captions the YouTube ones are absolutely terrible to read.

  4. This guys a dumbass. Why didnt he just make the end of the handle out of the whole piece and not separate. Its looks like complete shit. Terrible wood worker.

  5. I know this comment is a little late but you should consider making these more there is a tons of baseball purists who like things old school and not a screwing with tradition I think if you made these and sold them you’d be a millionaire and with the price of wood bats these days sitting at $150 for a machine made I think you’d be able to sell these like hot cakes marketed as true hand made bats. Nice work brother stay sharp

  6. A base ball bat blank needs to be split out of the log. Resawing from a sawn plank has left you with very weak grain structure in the handle area.

  7. This is the only video i disagree with you on wood woeking is all about energy and patients this video shows neither sorry just my opinon

  8. If someone doesn't have access to a lathe, he won't have an enormous bandsaw and a discsander either. You could just have used hand tools for that, it would be easier to understand.

  9. Awesome video, really appreciated the ending where you didn't just cut to the first successful swing and especially liked that when you made contact the dog showed absolutely zero interest in chasing it down for you, lol. Very cool build

  10. thank you Andy Rawls
    now my house is more secured and safe and if something happend to my house i will know
    now i have this device and i have my house safe
    thank you <3

  11. You could’ve easily not included the times you missed the ball, but it was awesome how intrigued I was into the video and you walk up confidently to hit the ball and you miss! It was by far the funniest thing for me!

  12. Full respect to the guy.  He has great skill.  That said, I don't care for the bat's shape.  It doesn't have any discernable barrel, and just gets lopped off at the end with very little tapering.  Likewise for the handle.

  13. Was keen to watch your video but … had to watch two ads to get to the start of it which is normal these days on YouTube but then 45 seconds in another 2 ads came up. Done. I'll find what I'm looking for elsewhere.

  14. Why not round the top to a more traditional shape and the extra sticking out of the knob seems like an odd choice. Very beautiful piece but a little confused why it's not more traditional.

  15. Don't you think it would be easier to shape the bat in woodturning it ? I've no experience with wood, but i imagine this could be a good way to keep the bat straight with a good symetry. Am i totally wrong ?

  16. I wonder why, as you had the blank in a jig for cutting anyway, you didn't just rotate the blank 45 degrees on its center line and cut it octagonal with the bandsaw?

  17. It’s a round club. It’s not difficult dude. Try making a cricket bat that’s any good. That’ll test ‘you’ somewhat.

  18. Why would you make it without a lathe? that's.. pretty much the go to for old school baseball bats for a reason. They used them. It's not like the lathe is new.. it's thousands of years old O_o

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