Malgudi Days – मालगुडी डेज – Episode 43 – A Hero – हीरो

Hope it is Malgudi’s vehicle.
Hope it is the blue vehicle. Swami. Did you sleep well? Where are you going?
– For cricket practice. There is a test match tomorrow.
M.C. C versus Board High School. Is it? For whom are you playing? How many times didn’t I tell you? I am M.C. C, which means… …Malgudi cricket club’s vice captain. And also the opening bowler. Team players call me Tate. Tate?
– Yes. He is a great English bowler. So will you not go to school today? I will go after the practice. Go after having breakfast. No. Today I am late. Swami! The entire
day you run around. Where do you get so
much of energy from? Everyday you give me Halwa
(India sweets) made of almonds. I get energy from it. Hey! Hey! Sit down. Have
breakfast and go. No, mother. Cricket. Sit down. Swami, chew it slowly.
Don’t make sound. Listen what is written
in the news paper. And eight year old boy
from M.P. Hills… …survived an attack by
a man eating tiger. The boy climbed up
the nearest tree… …and coolly threw sticks at it
from the safety of the tree. The tiger however didn’t give up… …and guarded its prey till the
early hours of the morning. Some villagers passing
upon that way… …fell upon the animal and killed it. The courageous eight year
old boy is now back… …with his family and is being
given a certificate… …for bravery by the
district collector. Have you seen how much they
praised him bravery? That boy must be tall, wide
and have got lot of strength. He cannot be eight year old. How can such a small boy
fight a tiger, mother? The newspapers people are fools… …and you are very intelligent. Hey! The actual thing is guts. A man should be gutsy like a tiger. If it is there then you
have got everything… …otherwise there is nothing. How can it happen, father? Agree that I am the bravest
person in the world. What can I do if a huge
tiger attacks me? What can I do? I should
have the guts, isn’t it? Strength? First of all,
prove whether you have… …got some guts in you or not. I have it.
– What do you have? Guts.
– What’s the evidence for it? I have got the guts. If you have guts then can you
sleep for the entire night… …in my office room alone? Yes. In the office? Alone? Yes.
– Tonight? Yes. So it is decided. You are sleeping there tonight. Why are you still here, Swami? Will you not go to School? I will go. Mother, do you know
that we are going… …to include players who
are older than us. We will be playing with them too. Father, we are going to
buy everything new. Bat, ball, stumps and everything. Captain has told me to get
some money from father. Okay. Fine. We will see to it later. Did you watch this place carefully? You have to sleep here
from tonight. Alone. I will sleep, father. I will
definitely sleep. Promise. From the first of next month. No. From tonight.
Did you understand? Did you do the homework?
– No. I didn’t do the homework. What will happen now? What is it, Swami? What happened to Swami? This is the place Calcutta. From here the English people
have entered India… …for the first time. The date was 31st December. 1600. East India Company too
was started here. The battle of Plessey by Sir
Clive in the year 17… Swaminathan. Yes, sir. – Where did the English
people enter India… …for the first time? Malgudi, sir. Silence. Silence. Stand on the bench.
Stand on the bench. Watch here carefully.
This is the place Calcutta. Did you understand?
– British! British! Quit India! British! British! Quit India! British! British!
– Quit India! British! British!
– Quit India! Mahatma Gandhi!
– Long live! Mahatma Gandhi!
– Long live! Mahatma Gandhi!
– Long live! Mahatma Gandhi!
– Long live! Mahatma Gandhi!
– Long live! Mahatma Gandhi!
– Long live! British! British!
– Quit India! British! British!
– Quit India! British! British!
– Quit India! British! British!
– Quit India! Now they go town hall
and burn the hats. Come. Let’s play.
– Hey! Bowler. Mahatma Gandhi!
– Long live! British! British!
– Quit India! British! British!
– Quit India! Six! Mani, we know that you
hit lot of sixes. Are we here to run? Hey! Run. Go and bring the ball. Come fast, Swami. Come running. There is a devil over there. Devil. Devil? Let it be. I will
play cricket with it too. Swami, this is not a matter of joke. I have seen a devil in real. Do you know what happened
to Munuswami’s father? What happened?
– Last night he was under a huge tree. Don’t know what he was doing. In the mean time a devil
came and slapped tightly. And blood was coming out
of his mouth. Blood. Blood. Oh! God. When is it? Last night at two thirty. If I were to find that devil then
I would have beat it like this. Mani, we are getting late.
Let’s go home. Come. Come. Oh! God.
– What happened? My father told me to
sleep in the office from today. That too alone. Alone? What will you do now? I don’t understand anything. Sleep before he comes. Leave the house slowly when
he reads the newspaper. Swami, this is the tree
where the devil… …beat Munuswami’s father. Swami. Come inside. We will meet tomorrow.
– Yes. Let’s go. Is this the time to come home?
Where did you go? Munuswami. Munuswami?
– Yes. Cricket.
– Cricket? Office.
– Office? – Come. Come. Listen to me. You don’t support him. He will sleep alone from today. He has become nine year old. And he sleeps with you or mother. He is studying in the fifth standard.
Did you understand? He is getting spoiled each day. Why are you telling all
this by looking at me? I mean… I am not spoiling him.
Your mother is spoiling him. Whatever you want to tell, go
and tell to his grandmother. Not to me. Swami. Oh! Swami.
You have slept very early today. Will you not listen to story today? Don’t sleep by covering
your face, dear. How will you breathe then? Did you really sleep? Should I extinguish the lamp? Why don’t you understand?
Right now I am sleeping. Don’t call me even if the
house is set on fire. Let anything happen
but don’t call me. If I don’t sleep immediately
then maybe I will die. Is it? Then sleep. Come. The food is ready. Where is Swami? He might have eaten and sleep. Might have slept? How can it happen? I have told him… Swami. O, Swami. Come on. Get up. Let him sleep. Why are
you waking him up? He is in deep sleep. If I tell something then there
is lot of meaning in it. He has been pampered a lot.
You will spoil him. – Grandmother! Grandmother.
– Come. – Shrinu! Where will he sleep? In the office.
– Office? – Yes. Nowadays eight year old boys
are fighting with tigers… …in the jungle. And the heir of our house sleeps… …by hugging his grandmother. Come.
– Grandmother Srinu.
– Grandmother. – Srinu. Grandmother.
– Mother. Why are you forcing him
to sleep in the office? His guts wouldn’t become less
if he sleeps in the hall. I am telling that he will
sleep in the office. It means that he will
sleep in the office. Did you understand?
– Mother. Mother. Father, let me sleep in the hall. There is lot of dust and
mud in the office room. They are snakes and scorpions… …behind your books, isn’t it? No, son. No. They aren’t
any snakes and scorpions. If you want then I will
open one window. Here it is. Cool breeze
will be coming from here. Sleep well. Here are the bed sheets for today. If you want then you can sleep
on this bench itself. Good night. Father. Father. Lit a small lamp. Don’t get frightened, Swami.
We are not far away from you. We are just the other
side of the passage. Father. Father. Keep this door open. On one condition. You will not go and sleep
with your grandmother. If I watch you sleeping
with your grandmother… …then I will tell Mani and
all other friends of yours. Do you know what will happen then? The entire school will make
fun of you saying… …that Swami is a coward. Coward. Did you understand?
Now go and sleep. Father is very bad.
Is this a place to sleep? Why did they write about that tiger
and boy in that newspaper? That boy is a devil. He fought the tiger and I
have to sleep alone here. It is good if I die before morning. I will die. And then father
will understand. Swami!
– Swami! Swami!
– Swami! – Swami! Swami!
– Hold him. Hold him. Rangarajan, call the police. Swami! – What happened, child Swami? What happened, Swami? Are you fine? But What happened?
– I don’t know anything. I don’t know anything. It is a matter of great surprising. Mr. Srinivasan, I don’t believe
that such a small boy… …has caught a famous thief
by brave and courage. Come, child. Sir, the thing is that… I told him to sleep in the office.
And opened the window. Let it be anything. The courage he has
displayed is great. We need brave children like you. What do you say, child.
Will you become a police officer? When will you become police
office from? From tomorrow? How did you hold the thief till
your father came, Swami? It was three o’clock
in the night. Three. And a thief has come at that time. I caught him and kicked him. I punched him with both hands. And the thief fell to the
other side of the room. I gave a punch on his nose. I twisted his hand caught
him like this. Okay? But Srinu was telling
about biting the thief. About biting? Never. Am I a coward? You are very brave. I have heard that you
are going to do… …a job in police department. Don’t know. I wanted to become an engine
driver or bus conductor. Now I have to think.
– Do one thing. Don’t do menial job. Study well and do a government job. Become an officer. Office. Do you know that they
are going to have… …my photo taken, grandmother? You too come with me. Me? No, dear. No. I am like this. My photo cannot be taken. You go. Wear good clothes and go. Hey! Swami. Don’t go near the camera. I have heard that fire
comes out of it. Sit properly. Lift the head.
Stomach in. Chest out. Hold your breath. Child, smile. Yes. Oh! Who is it? What are
you doing over there? It’s me, sir.
– Why are you standing there, sir? My photo too should come.
– Why? I too have caught the thief. Okay. Come here. Now you hold this. Will my photo too come? Yes, it will come. It will
come behind his photo. Smile. Fire. Fire. Fire.
– Where? Where? Malgudi. Malgudi. Malgudi. Swami. O, Swami. Where is Swami? His photo has come in Malgudi Times. Show it to me. Show it to me.
– Show me. My Swami’s photo has come. Oh! Wonderful. Swami. O, Swami. How cute is he looking?
Watch it, mother. Didn’t my photo come? It didn’t come.
– Where is he? He is sleeping. Slept? So early? Yes. Children of his age should
sleep by this time. Poor boy. He couldn’t sleep
for a single moment… …because of you day
before yesterday. So what should be done? Should he be allowed to
sleep with your forever… …by sucking his thumb? Grandmother, tell me a story. Plait his hair and tie
ribbon onto them… …and join him in
girls’ high school. Why are you behind him? Let him sleep wherever
he wants to sleep. Yes. There is no need
to trouble him… …by making him sleep
here and there. Look, Srinu.
I have got a lone grandson. If something happens to him… Okay. What have I go to do? Both mother and grandmother
spoil him. If he becomes good-for-nothing,
coward and lazy… …after growing big then
don’t tell me anything. Swami, I will tell you
a new story today. Harishchandra’s story. There was a kind by
name Harishchandra. Grandmother.

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