54 thoughts on “Man Proves His Innocence With Baseball Game Footage In New Netflix Documentary | NBC Nightly News

  1. No matter how many times they tell you, "Innocent until proven guilty" or "The burden of proof is on the prosecution", know the truth. We are all slaves and guilty until proven innocent, unless we have the wealth to buy our freedom. Freedom isn't free.

  2. It’s on Netflix now if y’all want to watch it. It’s very sad and uplifting at he same time. Great documentary and glad Juan was cleared of his name

  3. In the documentary, the prosecution claimed that this tape meant nothing. Since this was an hour and a half before the murder. I thought what actually got him off, was the fact that he was using his cell phone at dodger stadium. Or am I wrong??

  4. One eye witness in a dark street and one drawing. That’s enough to get you the chair, 100% he’s dead had it not been for this miracle

  5. Wow, do NOT curb your enthusiasm. This is amazing, who'd a thunk Larry David, notorious 'bad person' character saves guy inadvertently. Freakin awesome. And yeah LAPD kinda has a pattern.

  6. I thought in order to sentence someone for murder, there had to be no reasonable doubt. Literally, all they had was an eye witness, which is the worst way to prove something. Our legal system is totally flawed.

  7. What if He has a different lawyer. Imagine he will spend the rest of his life in the jail just because of false accusations.

  8. come on look at his face!!!! He’s just innocent. Breaks my heart to see his face in the courtroom. Crying out when they found him and his daughter in the game!

  9. I Remember seeing this on the news and i came across it on Netflix. When his lil one testified he cried. I cried with him. Love his wife for her support and him for keeping his spirit up and of course the baby she is so cute. im so happy for the family and the outcome. BUT

  10. Wow. How terrible this must be…
    Supposed to be innocent until PROVEN guilty.
    The defendant had to make an effort to prove his innocence, so I'm calling an unfair trial. The whole case should be thrown out, and he should be compensated.

    What's worse, is that he even stated to the police he didn't do anything wrong, so they had the facts crystal clear, and knew he was innocent from the start.
    Seems to me like the police and court system were conspiring with the real criminal to hide his identity and help them get away with murder.
    Or at the very least, made the gross mistake of assuming he was lying.

    In any case, it's good this news is shown. The court system deserves to be shamed for such a terrible series of events.

  11. The story is actually a bit more complicated and I highly recommend everyone to watch this on Netflix. The footage alone did not clear him completely.

  12. The cell phone records are what ultimately saved him. The clip was filmed like 1-2 hours before the murder so it wasn’t enough proof. It gave visual proof, but the cell phone record gave a better timeframe.

  13. Juan Catalan I am so glad he got justice, I hope Chanel Lewis gets the same justice and gets released from jail for a murder I believe he did not committ

  14. It's actually not as simple as it seems. Even with the 1 in a million shot of finding him on the filming (which was almost thrown away), the D.A. was still unwilling to drop the charges because the D.A. argued that there was still enough time to commit the crime after the game. If you haven't seen this documentary on Netflix, I highly encourage it.

  15. He got compensated like 350,000… which is nothing for what he went through… the prosecutor chick… got a sexual harassment compensation for $800000.

  16. When an innocent man is sent to jail, he comes out a criminal. The prosecutors of justice system creates its own monsters.

  17. So, basically they would’ve fried him if it wasn’t for Larry David? What a f*cked up Justice system we have.

  18. The thing that really haunts me is even after all that evidence the clear innocence, the prosecutor is still trying put an innocent man in jail. Hes obviously innocent but your “witness testimony is reliable”. You can have literal proof of your innocence but some people still won’t believe you didn’t do it

  19. How incredibly lucky. Just imagine, if he hadn't been falsely accused of murder, he might have gone through his whole life without ever watching Curb Your Enthusiasm. What are the odds ?

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