Man Utd news: ‘Sceptical’ Jose Mourinho claim made by England cricketer

 Mourinho has been under pressure this season after a disappointing start to the campaign at Old Trafford  The Red Devils are already 12 points behind leaders Manchester City after a 3-1 loss to their local rivals on Sunday  They have also been knocked out of the Carabao Cup by Derby though beat Juventus in the Champions League last week  Billings, who made his England debut in 2015 after starring for Kent, is a Manchester United fan  And he has had his view on Mourinho, admitting he’s been struggling at times in recent months  “I feel for him a little bit because he’s copped it big time over the last few weeks,” Billings told Metro  “Some of that is deserved – we got played off the park by Juventus at Old Trafford  “We haven’t played our best football but I think and hope we are getting a little bit better I’m still sceptical, though. “We were abysmal at times earlier in the season and it looked Jose had lost the plot He looked tired and drained. I felt for him. “We need to play the Manchester United way… Go out there and attack Out-score teams. Be aggressive.” Mourinho has won the Europa League and FA Cup since taking over at Manchester United in 2016  He has not been able to get close to Manchester City with Pep Guardiola’s side dominating the league last season  But legend Diego Maradona believes Mourinho is head and shoulders above the rest  “Myself as a coach I need to learn a lot and for that reason I think I will go to Manchester and Mourinho to ask him a lot of things,” Maradona told Marca  “Because he is the best without doubt. “For me yes [he is better than Pep], Mou is the best ”

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