Managing Rosters in Tournament Play: Baseball Coaching Tips

Baseball Coaching Tips: Managing Rosters in
Tournament Play [INTRO MUSIC]>>KEN GILL: Certainly, there’s a strategy
that goes into coaching these types of games. A lot of homework goes in. One, trying to find out what you can about
the opposing teams that you’ll be playing, but also your own team and your own personnel.>>SCOTT RUARK: You [have] to manage not only
the pitch count, but the kids’, the young kids’ arms. As a manager, I’m not here to make a kid
throw every single day. We have a physical therapist on hand that
takes care of their arms when they’re done pitching.>>WARREN FURST: We’re real precise about
our pitching rotation because youth baseball has pitch count rules. So, we know who our starting pitchers are
going to be. Each one of the teammates know that they might
come in for relief if we have a little bit of a wobble. We have to make sure we get through a six-day
tournament that we have our pitch counts right. [OUTRO MUSIC]

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