March 13 | COVID-19 Update #1

hi everyone my name is Chris Buddle I’m
an associate provost here at McGill University and today I’m here to talk to
you a little bit about some of the planning that’s happening with respect
to the coronavirus my role in this is that I’m in charge of some of the
academic planning and I know many of you have a lot of questions about the
academics I also know that this is an extremely scary time for a lot of people
and there’s a lot of anxiety and a lot of worry I hold that as well I’ve got
children at school many of you do it’s really really tough I want you to know
that a lot of people have been working hard on planning behind the scenes for
many many weeks as part of a group called the Emergency Operations Centre
this group is continuing to work and we’re ramping up a lot of efforts in
different areas as you may know that we’ve received a lot of new information
in the last 24 hours we’re generally working off a principle
of following the directives from the public health authorities and now we
have additional directors from the provincial government federal government
etc the number one thing is that we’re concerned about your safety and your
well-being and your health there’s a new number to call because the eight one one
number in Quebec has been not working as well as the government would like it to
the new number to call if you’re feeling unwell is 1-877-644-4545. I’m going to give you just a few updates the number
one piece to that remember is there are communications coming but I just asked
that you have a little bit of patience because we’re trying to make sure what
we communicate is accurate so please stay tuned more communications are
coming the University will be closed for the next two weeks and if we get more
updates during that time you’ll certainly be notified on what that means
what exactly a closure means is something that we’re just finalizing
today and that’s why there’ll be a message coming out later to clarify many
questions that you might have instructors have a lot of questions
about their courses again those messages will be coming out later today including
some ideas and resources that you as an instructor can think about if we shift
some of the teaching to online platforms in a couple of weeks from now I’ll also
say that for students you’re also probably have many many questions about
your academics and your academic term and how to engage with your
instructor and how to actually finish up your academic term please be patient
what we’re gonna do everything we can to make sure that your term is successful
and that if you’re scheduled to graduate we’ll do what we can to make sure you
can graduate and you can get your courses finished even if the semesters
ends up being shorter than originally planned I’ll also say that what we’re
gonna try to do is have more regular updates using these short videos as well
through the social media platforms we hope this helps a little bit and gives
you a little bit of information on a more regular basis stay well everyone
we’re thinking of all of you we’re working hard on your behalf and we’re
gonna get through this thank you

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