96 thoughts on “Marian student cut from baseball team over long hair

  1. It's not like it was a new rule…if you didn't want to abide by the rule you should never have joined the team…

  2. This makes the news?? Really?
    On my highschool varsity baseball team they made us cut our hair too, and they would sit you on the bench and never play you unless you cut your hair. I didn't think anything of it at the time, but now I realize what a load of bullshit it is.

  3. Cool keep your hair but their is rules playing college baseball. You don't like the rules and get kicked off, too fucking bad kid. I'm glad the coaches stood their ground. Get over yourself

  4. In baseball, does it really matter what your hairstyle is? I think in college baseball, as long as you get good grades and you're a mentally and physically a good ballplayer, then you should be allowed to play regardless of hairstyle.

  5. This is funny considering the typical baseball look going on right now in college is the long hair slicked back to look lowkey like a mullet but what he’s doing ain’t okay? Lol that’s some weirdo shit if you really care that much about what someone else doing with their hair

  6. Reminds me of when I was told I couldn’t play because I had a Mohawk and yet I still went out there despite coaches orders lol they couldn’t stop me from playing

  7. I'm not discrediting that he is Cherokee in any way…. however I used to believe I was part Cherokee as well… My dad mothers side was somewhere down the line… but then my mother told me that especially in the south it was almost like a fad that white families had Cherokee in their family tree somewhere. I was curious why people would say that and she told me that it was almost like away of showing something or the other I can't remember. But nevertheless I found out I had no Cherokee or Native American at all. And my friend you told me the same thing has none either. Can anyone elaborate on why usually southern white families sometimes think they have Native American and their family and really don't?

  8. Yeah my coach doesn’t let us have hair over the ears or down the neck line and we have to be clean shaven on gameday

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  10. Either don’t play or cut the hair. Simple. Hair grows back and there are different teams so make a choice.

  11. Well that's the coaches policy, and it sounds like it's also a school policy. If he doesn't wish to lose his hair and lose baseball the transfer is a his best bet. Kinda dumb that this made news coverage.

  12. When I was in high school we had a strict haircut rule. That meant no long hair. If you didn't comply, you were kicked off the team. It's not that difficult.

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