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Kandhakoni’s uvula is the longest I eat a lot of ice cream
That’s why Postman, is there a letter
for us at least today? Yeah, very soon – Maybe you can post for us
– Will do We also play cricket Imagine how awesome it would be
if we had a match and a cup as prize – Your idea rocks!
– Then let’s compete Let’s collect funds for it Donate whatever you can
for our cricket match You won’t have any sales today You have a golden heart
You’ll soon find a pretty bride – Grandpa, give us some money
– Thanks Grandpa – Postman is the V.I.P
– Why are you being stingy? We thought he’d give 50
But he gave Rs 2! – Bye, bro
– Okay – Then what’s up…Annamaa?
– Then means? – Oi! Aren’t you going with them?
– Where did they disappear? – Go
– Izzzzzzzzzzzzzz It was progressing so smoothly In tomorrow’s match
our team should somehow win For sure ‘Kaddak moddak paddak
Let’s grab the cup taddak’ ‘Shilpan Salapadaigums’ Leave it Run Run fast – I won’t get out like Shewag
– Bowl within the line Kottarappa out Go man Can’t stand the stink All out
Break Hey! Boys
we must win Stunted idiot! Out Catch Hello postman Catch it Manguni Grinder… Catch it Sixer Sangu, stop making that noise Grinder run run… Let me cut off Grinder’s wire Don’t I don’t run singles
I’ll hit only fours or sixers Do you think you are
Sachin Tendulkar? It’s our bad time Please wait You are the right choice
to captain the team Good for nothing oaf! Grinder, stop showing off ‘Bowl here’ Wait, I’ll choose and hit
a strategic part of you! – Out
– What kind of pitch is this? – Ball’s getting worn out
– I won’t hit Wash the ball
and then bowl Bowl within line
He’s on a hitting spree No power can do anything to me Victory! Postman
Come and give the cup You think you are an international team Do you enjoy humiliating me? We thought if a V.I.P gives the cup
it adds respect to our match Who said I am a V.I.P? You are working in a Govt. job
Isn’t that good enough? Go, do your job Let me go
I came here by mistake Let me go
I have work to do Come postman – Who is tickling me?
– Don’t disgrace our celebrity Why are you standing there?
Come and join We are the losers It’s okay
Come and stand with us There’s no defeat amidst friends! Come I have never been lucky
from when I was a kid I’ve never got the 1st bench
to sit in school No place to sit in a bus Can’t even see God in a temple festival
‘cos it would be crowded! I can easily eat 20 idlis
(rice steamed cake) Now in a competition
can’t even eat more than 10! If the upload is in this jammed-state
even the download is jinxed Even in my sleep if I wet my bed
my home will be floating!!! My folks would reprimand and
tease me as piss-pot! Now when it comes to this competition
even my urine is conspiring against me I should win in something or the other We should show Madras folks
that we are survivors! Till we win let’s not lose hope Where else will victory go
if not into our hands? Let’s compete
I’ll sell tea more than you Let’s see – How much?
– Rs.5 “Wealth is God Almighty
God too knows this is reality” “God too knows this truth” “Wealth is God Almighty
God too knows this is reality” “From hand to hand money changes
My heart thinks you are advantageous” “From hand to hand money changes
My heart thinks you are advantageous” “Do you come
when we want you to?” “Do you bid farewell
when off you go?” “Do you come
when we want you to?” “Do you bid farewell
when off you go?” “Wealth is God Almighty
God too knows this is reality” Kai! I can’t find by piggy bank What are you saying? Someone has stolen my money
that I was saving for my studies We’ll earn it again
Don’t worry Whoever stole won’t prosper – Petrol, bro?
– How much? Govt. sells it for Rs 67
I’m asking for just Rs 50 Take it, bro
I know you’ll take it Tight slap! You steal from us
and sell it right back to us! I manufacture fuel
from sea water! Tramp! Was it you who
stole petrol my vehicle? We’ve been searching for you
Come with me to the police station There’s a whole gang behind me Where is that gang? ‘Along with mutton
chicken and egg’ ‘…for spiced rice
we didn’t beg’ ‘All we asked was’ ‘…pure water to drink’ ‘But all we got was alcohol!’ Hey! You kids have got letters Hey! Kiddos Postman is acquiring
a sense of humor! Ambikapathy We have no address We are orphans
Who will send us letters? Come and see
You will know Hope you are not
taking us for a ride Ambikapathy Kailasam Kandhakoni It’s greetings for Pongal
(harvest season) Who would have sent it to us? – Postman has only sent it to us
– Rs 50! We are happy we got a card
Why give us money also? Pongal money Every card has
a 50 rupee note He’s lived up to his V.I.P name Hereafter can we
all call you uncle? Go ahead Heyyyyyyyyyy! Don’t drop me down Uncle
Uncle Let’s have a new
competition for Pongal Let’s buy a cup
with the postman’s money No need cup
Let’s get something new 1st let’s decide
on the game

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