Mark Webber shows Gambhir how to bat

Mark Webber was in Greater Noida on Wednesday,
ahead of the Indian Grand Prix this weekend. Although Formula One’s popularity is undoubtedly
growing in the country, cricket still reigns supreme. Indian batsman Gautam Gambhir showed the Aussie
driver how to really drive, as Webber swapped wheel-spins for offspin at Noida International
University. The 36-year old then picked up the bat himself,
and tried to show Gambhir how it was done. But, like Michael Schumacher’s comeback, he
failed miserably. However, the Red Bull driver conceded it was
all a bit of fun. “Yeah today I had a really good day. I managed
to bowl a few quick deliveries at ‘Gauti’ here – he unsurprisingly smashed them away
for four. So, yeah, it was a good to talk about each different discipline. Obviously
motor racing and cricket as well – I am a huge cricket fan.” Practice for the Indian Grand Prix gets underway
on Friday.

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