We’re going to talk about your
status in Paris; you became a player, you started out young. Today, you’re
a pillar of the team. Do you feel, for example, that you and Thiago
Silva are a little Batman and Robin? Do you want to be Batman sometimes
as a vice-captain? Do you know that you’ve become a pillar of the team?
And for you, what does that mean? This is important. It really feels
good to be a pillar of a team, be an important player.
That’s the way it is. You don’t wonder, you’re not
going to knock on the door and ask to to be an important player.
That’s something you earn on the pitch, you do it to
deserve it and you’ll get it. And that’s how I thought of
it when I was young in Paris. I wanted to grow up,
I wanted to gain experience. I wanted to follow the examples,
the good examples that I had, and I tried to take a little bit of
each and make them available to the
club, and above all to the team. When there are new players,
for example, do you go see them and explain to them a little
bit about the history of PSG. Did you learn a little bit about
the history of Paris Saint-Germain? Did people talk to you about former
players, what the club had won? More so during the years I have been
here. I heard the stories, especially the things from clubs as it has come
up, there are pictures, shirts…. Which PSG players have
made a mark on you? There are the Brazilians:
Rai, Valdo, Ronaldinho. I also wanted to talk about
your relationship with football. Are you a football fan? Thiago Silva, for example, I know
he loves watching a lot of football. Me too. I like to watch the teammates
too. Sometimes I have teammates who have gone here or there. I watched
the Ligue one games because I’m going to play games against Sometimes
certain you potter teams. about, you don’t sit Without there watching
the falling whole game. asleep? What do you like watching most?
La Liga? Serie A? Above all, the big games. I don’t have a particular
league that I like watching. Sometimes there are good games
in Spain, sometimes in England. I also like to watch games in Brazil,
but I can’t too much. It’s a shame because
they’re on so late. Sometimes there’s five hours
difference, so I can’t watch
too much because it’s too late. You give the image of
being a really cool guy. You say to yourself,
‘You can’t not be friends with him’. Is that true? And do you have a good
relationship with your teammates? Yes, but frankly, I have a good
relationship with everyone. I always try to understand people,
their culture, how they are, to be able to understand and
to behave well towards them. That’s why, when I came to France,
I tried to understand the culture, the language, to be able to speak,
to communicate, to understand well how people are here, to educate
myself in terms of the culture. That’s why I always try to
be positive with people, to look for something good.
To find the good things in people so that we can have fun together,
rather than look for the negative. It’s cool for a coach because that’s also maybe why they’re asking
you to be more versatile, because they know you’re not going
to say ‘No, I don’t want to’. You started out as a forward,
but you weren’t good enough so you moved back to number 10,
you weren’t good enough either so you moved back and eventually you were in
the stands…but when you got to PSG, they tried you at right-back because
there wasn’t any space in the middle. You were the best right-back.
I know you like being versatile, but wouldn’t you like
to be known just as a defender? No. Before,
I thought that way, but frankly, Tuchel has managed
to change my mentality. Sometimes he put me in midfield,
and I said it was difficult for me. It’s a totally different
function and position. It’s totally different. In defense,
you see the game ahead of you, you think about your positioning.
In midfield, it’s like things go too fast. Do you feel comfortable
now in midfield? From the outside, we see you
do all your defensive work, but do you feel there are still
some things you need to work on? I can improve the
attacking side a lot more. As for the defensive side of things,
positioning, covering the full-backs, in my pressing when we lose the ball,
that’s something I have already. But in terms of attacking,
my positioning when we go forward, that’s what I’m trying
to improve above all.


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  2. Merci Marqui pour toutes ces années passées au PSG tu es devenu un joueur extraordinaire, très polyvalent, tu es l'un des joueurs les plus importants du psg. On t'aime Marqui <3

  3. Bon c'est confirmé !! Avec c'est perf, son amour du maillot et se qu'il vient de dire ben Il faut qu'il fasse toute sa carrière chez nous !! Il tout se gars niveau de jeu mentale et ouvert d'esprit !!

  4. A priori la suite ce sera Marquinhos et Kimpenbe dans l’axe donc ses replacements à droite ou en milieu récupérateur ça reste juste du bricolage malheureusement. Super joueur en tout cas!

  5. Tellement plus utile dans la charnière centrale avec thiago, mais bon son poste de milieu c'est juste le temps que neymar revienne, même si y a pas vraiment besoin de marqui au milieu, y a gueye en vrai 6, après verrati et puis tous les autres draxler sarrabia herrera paredes

  6. Ça fait du bien de ne pas voir Cazarre que dans la blague mais avec du serieux ( je sais qu’il l’est souvent sur rmc mais je ne regarde pas souvent )

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