100 thoughts on “Matt Harvey Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex

  1. complex you guys should get alex galchenyuck from the montreal canadiens i know hockey players dont seem like sneaker fans but i am one and so is he… he has hella yeezys and jordans should have him hop on the show when he plays against LA and goes there

  2. When you realize the Georgetown 11's were never worn by Iverson while he was at georgetown. They were made after he was out of college. He wore Concords

  3. Damn he had some unreleased sample Pantone XIs in high school huh? Dude sounds like a chump with all his little stories lol

  4. in my opinion,best looking sneakers been bought in this series so far. I love the georgetowns and infrared 90s and you can't go wrong with 72-10s

  5. man Lord knows if i was Blessed with that kind of money and i was on this show please believe me it would have to be a P1 & P2 LOL 😄

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