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– Came from Traverse City, went to Traverse City St. Francis. Sophomore year, my high
school coach, Greg Vaughn, told me I have a chance to play some serious college football if I invest my time wisely. So I started to focus a lot on football, and living in the weight room, gotta get bigger. My whole goal growing up was to play in MLB, honestly. Love baseball, was hitting
home runs at a young age, I’m like, “Oh I could do this, “I can go play baseball”, but I started to get some
size to me sophomore year, and football started to look like the more realistic option. My high school coach helped me so much, with recruiting and
getting my name out there. Hi, my name is Matt Seybert, I play tight end and middle linebacker. It’s hard to do from a
small school up north, in Division 7. You gotta work a little extra harder to get your name out there. I went to camps, I traveled, me and my dad, we went to Iowa, Missouri, Michigan State, Syracuse, big road trip, flying all
around, driving all around, doing everything we can
trying to get a scholarship. First offer came, and I was ecstatic, my family and I were crying in the car on the way home from a
high school baseball game. That was so fun, I’ll never forget that. My high school coach and I were thinking they’re gonna start coming now, you know, and then hopefully the
bigger ones come and stuff. That summer it didn’t come, a lot of the schools were telling me they’re gonna watch me
senior season and stuff, and I’m like, okay I’ll prove it to them senior season. Unfortunately, that summer, went down with a broken
navicular bone in my foot, it’s an injury that
doesn’t heal very fast, so I was out for the entire senior season. – Breaking his foot was
super devastating to him. A ton of schools had told him they were just gonna
watch his senior year, you’re close, we just
need more film on you. So I think he was just really bummed out, that he wasn’t gonna get the opportunity to go out there and show
them what he could do. – [Matt] So the recruiting
process pretty much ended for me I committed to Buffalo. I went to Buffalo, I loved it, loved it there more than anything, loved my class I was with, but that goal of going to
play in Big Ten football, that dream, it was eating at me every night, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I had to make a decision,
and take a huge risk. I knew what the risk was,
leave the scholarship behind and come walk on here. – We started talking about
really what his options were, and obviously Michigan State
was kinda the forefront, we had some connections there already, he had been recruited. Just knowing my brother so well, I pretty much told him, take the chance, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, whether you play it down at a school like Michigan State or not, that’s gonna be the
experience of a lifetime. – My brother Dylan, big sports guy too, and he’s just been always someone that I’ve always been so close
with since I was growing up. When things weren’t going well, he’s like, “Don’t worry, it’ll be
fine, it’ll be fine, “it’ll work out”. He was always so cool, calm,
and collected about it, so it just helped instill
more confidence in me, and not to stress so much. – I went to Wichita State
as a walk on for baseball, got cut, didn’t make it, so I’d been through that
process of being a walk on, and I told him, it’s not gonna
be easy to see the field, you’re not a scholarship guy, coaches are gonna have
the guys they’ve recruited at this point. It’s gonna be a process, but if you trust the process
and just keep working hard, eventually it could pay off for you, might not ever see the field but, you’re gonna enjoy
yourself there for sure. – When I got here, just
a walk on you know, I knew what I wanted to do, I knew what I could do, but I knew it wasn’t gonna be easy. You have very tough days, you have days where you doubt yourself, wondering if should I
have made that decision, was it worth it to come here? And it was tough because
I did have the days where I doubted myself, but I never had the days where
I told myself I’m gonna quit, because you can’t quit,
you never can quit. I was the guy that liked to hit people, like physicality, Coach D recognized that, we had a conversation and said, “Just try to D in, see what happens”. Didn’t end up getting on
the field or anything, but the amount of
knowledge I gained on that defensive side of the ball, was immense, it helped me so much because I started to learn
fronts, I started to learn coverages that you can
pre-recognize before the snap, a lot of stuff like that, so when I get back to the
offensive side of the ball, I can recognize the stuff
way better than I would before I moved to defensive end, so I did, I learned so much, and it was honestly a
blessing in disguise. Some people look at that as
a waste of a year for me, and it’s not how I look at it at all, I grew a lot. At the end of the day, you
gotta count your blessings, you have to realize that you’re at a place way bigger than yourself. It’s more than just about you, and to be a part of something this special at a university like this, it’s just a blessing in itself. – What’s up. – Hi dad. – Hi Dylan. – Hey dad, hey mom. – That’s my brother. – Coming into the tight end room we had limited experience as far as guys who had played on Saturdays, so everything is wide open, and that’s the way we’ve always done it, and working for Coach Dantonio, the best guys play. And limited reps leads to an enormous
amount of opportunities, and as you’ve seen, Sybert’s
taken advantage of that. – Coach Stetan is my tight end coach, never had him as a coach until this year. I love that guy so much, I mean no one’s believed in me as much as he’s believed in me. He installed the amount
of confidence in me that helped so much, and I’m just so thankful
that he’s my tight end coach. – He’s been very very consistent, not only in his route running, but his blocking, his ability
to catch the football, and his just desire to be as good as he can be. – The coaches are gonna
play the best players, they have a job to do and that’s to win. And so, the opportunity is always there, this is just the best
football I’ve been playing, and he’s helped me in the
mental aspect tremendously. So I think the opportunity
has always been there, it’s just this is the
year that I’ve stepped up and I earned it. – [Coach Staten] I think
the most encouraging thing about Seybert is the path he took. And it’s shown itself here
again and again and again, it’s that hard work pays off. He is old school, bloody
knuckled, go after it, and there’s a relationship that is easily developed
with those type of guys because they’re easy to follow, and I think that’s the next
step in his development as we get into the second
half of the season is okay, now start pulling
some guys with you. Let them know that they
can be as tough as you are. – [Matt] I wanna be a
inspiration to the other guys, younger guys that are coming up and doing the same type of thing, don’t be afraid to take that risk, as long as you really,
truly believe in yourself that you’re gonna make it happen, then it’s gonna happen. – Bert is a very confident player, and he’s never moved from that. He’s always gone forward with, “I’m gonna be the best player out there”. When you care so much that
you put so much into it I don’t think, outside, spectator-wise, you see and go, “Oh, who’s
this, this is a surprise”, but it’s stuff that we’ve seen boiling and kind of starting to cook, and now Sparta Nation get to see what’s starting to become
a finished product. – You can do what you want, it’s just how much time you wanna put in, how serious are you about it? You’re gonna make it happen
if you want it bad enough, I’m just glad that I can
show other people that, when it’s not looking too good, when it’s not looking
like it’s gonna work out, even towards the end of it, just don’t quit, because you never know what
the heck’s gonna happen. – [Announcer] Back to
Brown, a little worky, a little play fake,
goal line, it’s caught! By Matt Seybert, touchdown MSU! First touchdown career-wise
for Matt Seybert, came at a bit time for the Spartans here in the Big Ten opener. – [Matt] I’ve never
played in this many snaps in football games until this year, so every game I’m
growing and I’m learning, and I’m getting more comfortable and so it’s definitely an
improvement every week. And I’m nowhere near close to where my potential is gonna be so every week you gotta
get better and better. – It’s amazing to see him live his dream. It’s just something he’s
always really wanted to do. We just dreamed as kids you
know playing backyard football, getting to score a touchdown
in some of those moments. Indiana game and he
scores a huge touchdown in the fourth quarter, I think that was his favorite moment of the season so far honestly, in a tight game, first
Big Ten game at home, the chance that he gets
to keep playing football, at that high of a level
is really just amazing. I was just, it’s really a surreal moment. – [Announcer] Touchdown MSU! Another score for Matt Seybert. – [Coach Staten] What makes him unique, he’s just as excited when
Dotson does something great, or when Gillison does something great, and that’s the true meaning of a teammate. – [Matt] I’m a big energy guy,
man you gotta bring energy. Before I was playing, we
were on the sidelines, I’d make sure that I’m
doing everything that I can to bring energy to the
sidelines, dancing, all that, singing, dancing to the music, you know, when the team starts
going crazy and stuff, that’s times I’ll never forget here. So energy’s a huge thing for me, gotta play the game with
passion and emotion, if you don’t, I don’t
know why you’re out there. You only get to do it for
a certain amount of time, I just like to have fun with it. – [Coach Staten] He’s just
a guy that gets excited, somebody scores a touchdown, he’s “Woo”, if he’s on the sideline,
if he’s in there with them it’s just, it’s a lot of fun. And that is contagious, and Coach Dantonio’s
always looking for that guy who can provide that spark, and thankfully Seybert has. – [Matt] I wanna keep doing
everything I can to help impact us winning games, and so if that means scoring
touchdowns in the red zone, and being the fish in the red zone, then yeah, I’ll take pride in that and keep looking to be consistent because I wanna win more than anything. (upbeat closing music)

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