Matthias Plachta of Adler Mannheim after a narrow loss to Mountfield HK

The first CHL Playoff game is over, it ended 1-0 to Mountfield, what did you think about the game? I think it was a very even game, with few scoring chances. Both goalies played very well. The two teams didn’t know each other, we’ve never played against each other before It’s always a bit of a surprise, what will be awaiting you. They also had a coaching changes so we didn’t know exactly how they’d play. But I think both teams played a good game, although few goals were scored. It was a physical game, lots of checking which isn’t so common in the CHL. What was that like? Yes, I mean that depends on the countries you’re playing against There are some countries who play a more technical game, and others that are more about the body. As a German team we play more of a mix, the Czechs are very big and do take the body and therefore they play as they do. It was nevertheless a good game. How difficult does a Czech team make it to score goals? I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily Czech-specific, but Mountfield played very well defensively. They gave very little away, and it was hard to get to the net. They were very robust and played well out from the goal. 1-0 isn’t a huge deficit, but what do you need to do better next week in Mannheim? Start with a goal, that would be quite good! But apart form the fact that we didn’t score a goal, not much. I think we played well defensively, There were a few chances there but we don’t need to change too much.

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