Mattingly Ripped BBCOR Baseball Bat Review

Hey everybody. This is Adam with and welcome to another installment of our video
baseball bat review series. Today I have the brand new 2012 V-Grip Ripped baseball bat from Mattingly Sports. Now this is a BBCOR certified bat. You can see the logo here. What that means is it will be legal for any collegiate play so NCAA, NAIA, Junior College ball it will be legal. Now beginning
January 1st, 2012, it will be required that all high school players
have a BBCOR certified bat. So if you’re searching for a bat for next
season, make sure that it carries the BBCOR certification because it
will not be allowed in play if you don’t have that BBCOR logo on it. Now what this bat features is Mattingly
‘s very own the V-Grip technology. It’s something that Yankee legend and
Dodger manager Don Mattingly actually came up when he was teaching
his kids how to hit. What you’ll see a lot of in youth baseball is they’ll
have the, you know, the kids will have their
elbows up and maybe the wrong knuckles aligned. Maybe these top knuckles here.
What the V-Grip does, is it gets the bat out of the palm and up into these k
nocker knuckles making you put the bat in the right position. With some
statistics that mattingly has done, they have actually shown you can increase your bat
speed by up to 7% by using this V-Grip. That makes a huge difference especially with all the
barrels of the bats becoming basically the same with this BBCOR certification. Picking up some
extra bat speed is going to be huge for your power. Another thing that this bat has
is direct power transfer. What that is again, it stiffens up the
, transferring more power up to the
barrel of the bat so you don’t get that flex when the ball makes contact.
You don’t get that bending that you see a lot of times in
slow motion photography. You don’t get that bending of the bat. The bat stays stiff transferring that power up to the barrel the bat. Another thing that this has is true balance technology. Basically, it
shifts the center of gravity down towards the handle. A lot bats are weighted here towards the barrel. This actually shifts the weight down, makes it a little
more balanced, and again hoping to get you more bat speed which again is paramount. This bat actually retails for $199.99. It’s a great bat. It looks nice, very durable. For more information on this bat and more of the Mattingly bats, visit eBaseballBatReviews/Mattingly

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  1. @nickqn2 Umm, we could just read that off the product website, couldn't we? No one came here to watch some guy talk about the bat.

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