Mauka Mauka | India vs Pakistan Cricket match? | World Cup 2019 | MR vlogs #32

Its all youtube’s fault This is happening because of youtube! Cricket world cup moment I took advantage of this moment and instead of spreading hate I decided to spread love and peace and to give the message of friendship through this sport lets begin today’s match I woke up in the morning and prepared the match and vlogging stuff and then text the team to come on field Hello and namastay to everyone! since now the cricket world cup has started so how could we pakistani people left behind to show our love and support not possible also the people of our neighbourhood country aren’t behind they are doing great in the cricket world Since cricket scene is on I have to organize a cricket match so whenever the worldcup starts what we do is to take out the bat and ball go to the ground and start playing Here we also did the same thing but here one thing is very different and special because our Indian brothers are joining us aswell since I requested them to join and they were friendly enough to come so before the actual pak india match starts lets start our own match first so everyone is coming now its gonna be a friendly match πŸ™‚ are you excited? I know I am! lets go! someone was saying there is gonna be something to eat yeah we are gonna eat fours and sixes We lost the toss in the first match well yeah in 2nd and 3rd aswell match is about to begin everyone is taking there positions Inzi bhai opened the innings and then he kept on playing all those 4’s and 6’s it was a no ball man yeah no it wasn’t stop crying :p man think about your mates they are waiting for their turn I am going as an opener lets see initially I hit the ball for a six but before get use to the wicket the opponents cheated and gave me out (in real it wasn’t) wth man πŸ™ you guys cheated man πŸ˜€ no it was all youtube’s pressure on you which is a good thing :p I didn’t give the decision ask hin he is the umpire :d see cheaters πŸ˜€ do you want me to apologize? so he gave the wrong decision and put his team in trouble I am sorry man after all I am a human and human make mistakes πŸ™ other players did try hard but they couldn’t meet the target our team lost the first match now we are gonna play the next one In the next match we took Inzi bhai wicket on the very first ball its all youtube’s fault I don’t accept it! other players tried afterwards but no one actually played a very big inning so we got a low total this time Again this time I went as an opener and this time I played carefully but the player on the non striker end wasn’t really contributing at all that did put me in a little pressure but then he got out and after we manage to complete the total! so now its 1-1 now we are going to play the final match everyone is really pumped up! hopefully we are gonna win in the 3rd match our bowlers bowled really well in the start but one of their player took a stand and gave us a very decent total in the starting of the next match I also couldn’t do much unfortunately I am gone yeah yeah I took your wicket right?:D Inzi is here, so lets talk about your batting performance how do you feel? I am feeling bad πŸ˜€ but then our Team’s shahid afridi comes and then it was raining boundries all over and after some overs we managed to achieve that total that’s how we won the best of 3 matches series by 2-1 well played guys winning and losing is a part of life but the real victory was that of cricket were the people from both there two countries played a game like a game and enjoyed every bit of it the interesitng think was that here there was no pakistani or indian team but it was the team of friends from two different countries that’s it for the today’s match he we have also some people from bangladesh, India and our Pakistan that’s how you play and enjoy together Pakistan vs India final! Really hope that Pakistan and India plays in final

18 thoughts on “Mauka Mauka | India vs Pakistan Cricket match? | World Cup 2019 | MR vlogs #32

  1. muneeb Bhai, ya red shirt mai jis Bhai Jan naay galat out Diya tha ya SriLankan Hain? Urdu bari fit bol laitay Hain

  2. Now this is some next lvl cricket…nd im lovin itπŸ‘….

    The word boyses though…πŸ˜†πŸ‘Œ

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