Mauka Mauka | India vs Pakistan | T20 World cup 2016 | #CheerforIndia

Hello dhoni sir want to talk to u something important.. Saw ur movie teaser.. liked it a lot But yesterday what we faced against newzealand all the 5 times… Talking to dhoni sir People outside are talking all baseless, useless about us.. but u dont listen to them.. even i am not… But… show them in the coming match.. show them that the tiger not only roars attacks too Come here son This is my neighbour… please provide him one more opportunity to break his Television set…

100 thoughts on “Mauka Mauka | India vs Pakistan | T20 World cup 2016 | #CheerforIndia

  1. chotiyo tumhari bahn ki phar di gashti ky bacho madarchodo India ka naya baap Pakistan…. hahahahhaha

  2. Congrats Pakistan team your team was just outstanding today. Winning the toss & choosing to bowl first was a blunder by kohli. I felt even god helped you.

  3. Junior wasim akram Mohd amir was teriffic today. Thank you Yuvraj bhayya & hardik pandya for that sixers you were much better than the others.

  4. what happened to your dhoni bhai got dead your tiger is a rat you indians mess with the kings of jungle we Pakistani are LIONS stay in your limit we are the true attackers mess with us lions again and your dead piece of meat never mess with the lions ever again we Pakistani rule the lands stay in your limit idiot indias and pakistan won the final match world cup is ours hands

  5. or agr tum logo ka TV… bacha to deekho…. baki Indian kese TV toor rehe h😂🤘😂
    or tum logo k khiladio ne Security b bda di…. 😂😂😂 apni awam se khatra😂😂😂😝😝😝 oye hoye

  6. kaha gey ab kutoo kaha ha ab tumhara muka muka
    ab bs ruu puka puka!! hum Pakistani tumhare baap ha baap!!
    Kesa laga father day pr baap ke gift apne bethy ke liy !!hahahahahahhah!! ab bana add muka muka !!

    tum logo apni chadhi se bhar ah hey thy zada !!! ab roo pata nhi kab ahy ga ab asa muka muka itna zalil kiya hu indian ko bs dop kr mar jaha next time apni chadi dekha kr taghy nikal na!!!

    No Issue Lay Lo Tissue!! add dekha maza ahy ga!! ek ur gift father ki tarf se beth bhaRAT iNDIA KO!! AHAHAHAHAHA

  7. no issue … lay lo tissue !!

    baap baap hota hay aur Paap paap hota hay..

    pakistan Baap hay tumhara 14august ko bana.
    phr angrezo sy paap hua 15august ko bana

  8. yehi rockets batti bna kr apne andr char ha le bari bachodiya kr raha tha apne baap k samne bhool gaya baap baap hta h

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