Mauka Mauka | India vs Pakistan | World Cup 2019 | Pappu Vynz

Bro i need some medicines what sort of medicines bro Headache, Anti Depression, High B.P, Low B.P, Spermatorrhoea, Male Infertility Piles, Small Testicles, Food Poison, Gas and Heart Attack. And twenty ( 20 ) sleeping pills as well. hey Mr.Hospital (Full of disease) You can’t buy all these medicines without doctors prescription go and get the prescription first Bro neither i am sick nor i need a Doctor to cosult with these medicines are compulsry for me How? Bro I am a fan of Pakistan Cricket team and i am supporting them in this cricket worldcup Got you….In that case you forgot something What? What’s this for? In a pressure situation you can Pee in your pants unintentionally and best way to tackle is pampers One more thing as well Now what’s this for? What if camera man holds a camera on a hot girl for a while then best item to tackle is Durex (condum) Duration as well as Reliability Bro you forgot one more thing as well what’s that ? A bottle of Poison In case we lose from India drink it if God wills u will be fine Hi Guys Don’t Hesitate because Sarfraz won’t disappoint us Kindly Like, Subscribe and Share our Channel. Thanks

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