Maverick Hockey: Freshmen Impact – an NET Sports Feature

♪ MUSIC ♪ NARRATOR: Every few years,
a freshman makes an impact on a season. For the Mavericks, it’s
not one, but three freshman making an impact on
the ice and in the conference. With two in the top five
for rookie scoring and one in the top three for
scoring among all defense men in the NCHC, it’s easy
to see the impact this freshman class is
making on the ice. IAN BRADY: You know, I
think this freshman class has a lot of character, we
bring a lot to the team, Austin, Jake, we all get a
lot of ice time and being able to produce as
a freshman is huge. JAKE GUENTZEL: Everyone
brings a little different to the table and I just
feel like we cling together really good. I mean obviously we have a
lot of friendships made so far, we’ve been together
for half a year so, obviously that is a good start and hopefully it
will be a fun four years. NARRATOR: This freshman
class attributes most of their success to the
leadership of the upperclassmen. AUSTIN ORTEGA: I think
this freshman class has had a big impact because
of the coaching definitely and the upperclassmen have really shown us the right example and the right way and
that is really helping us out. GUENTZEL: I just think the
older guys they helped us transition the best, obviously
they’ve been through it, so just having
them to look out for us and having someone to
look up to and they need someone to help sell it and playing
juniors actually helped too. ANNOUNCER: “…Petit helps
it back to Young, across now to Brady – SCORE! Ian Brady with a long
range wrist shot and the Mavericks once again back
to a goal, it is 3 to 2.” BRADY: You know, in the
very first game, I think it took a little while to get
used to the speed of the game. You know everyone’s a
lot bigger, everyone’s
stronger at this level. I think now we’ve really
transitioned well into it and I guess you can say there’s
a little pressure to perform well but I think we really
take a lot of pride into it, to perform well
and to play for this team. GUENTZEL: Obviously it gives you
a lot of expectations that you’re
supposed to accomplish so definitely a little extra
pressure on myself, but I feel like this year’s been
going well so far and hopefully we can keep
going to the end of the year. ORTEGA: Yeah, definitely
once you get on the ice you have an expectation to
do something, mostly doing the right
things, not making mistakes and I think the freshmen are
really doing a good job with that and kind of
living up to the role that we’re expected out there. DEAN BLAIS: Well, they’re
fortunate enough to get an opportunity to play
and they’re playing in key roles for us, obviously
power play and not so much
penalty kill yet, but certainly on the power play and
all have done real well at that, but I think they all are put in
situations to succeed and they’re not really out of
their element when they get on the ice. They’re comfortable, they
played high school hockey, junior hockey and then
stepped right in but the reason they’re able to
adjust to this level is just because they’re
all competitive hockey players.

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