MC Raptors Women’s Volleyball vs. Washington Adventist Shock, 10/26/15

MICHAEL: you have the post season right around
the corner. She is too valuable.
You need her healthy. She is the star of this Adventist team in
my opinion. CHRISTY: I agree.
MICHAEL: Galani hopes to keep it going from the back line.
It goes too long. She is not happy with herself.
CHRISTY: the biggest hit of the night from Adventist.
MICHAEL: Galani could not dig that one out. That height at the net.
The Raptors are a taller team than we have seen in the past.
Adventist is even taller. CHRISTY: height is everything.
MICHAEL: height can cover a multitude of sins on the volleyball court.
Kristen Markham, that’s up in the rafters. She almost stepped on her teammate there when
she went up for the ball. The ball got basically lost in the rafters.
The ball is still in play, right? CHRISTY: right.
MICHAEL: good block. CHRISTY: I think it went in the net.
MICHAEL: we are slightly blocked from our vantage point.
CHRISTY: we are depending on our little monitor here.
MICHAEL: sometimes you can’t get the best look at what goes on at the net because of
our position. Raptors on top 10-8, third set, 2-0 sets.
That will be a point for Adventist. For a team that has struggled as much as they
had this year, they have been keeping up. CHRISTY: celebrating every point you get is
very important. It keeps that team alive, as you can see from
the Adventist side. MICHAEL: Kristen Markham, Danielle Spencer,
good save there. She has got more playing time tonight than
any I have seen this year. CHRISTY: she has been working very hard in
practice and has definitely in proved this year.
MICHAEL: got to get that one over, and they are not going to.
Raptors up now 12-10. Liana Knapp, one of the sophomores, physical
therapy major. Raptors again.
That just about got us over here. This might be the most even set yet of the
three. Audrey Dipoko, got to get it over.
That was the Audrey Dipoko point there. That puts Danielle Spencer back on the service
line. She is not happy with herself on the service
line tonight, is she Christy? CHRISTY: no, she is not.
She knows that that is not how she usually place.
MICHAEL: do you think she is rushing too much? CHRISTY: I think so.
Serving, you really have to take your time. MICHAEL: there is a point.
CHRISTY: they called a touch on Adventist. MICHAEL: I am in agreement there.
The trajectory changed. It looked to me like the trajectory changed,
even though we were slightly blocked there by the official.
CHRISTY: yeah. MICHAEL: another point.
Montgomery College hoping to go three straight here for a 3-0 when, the 17th of the season
pure the raptors are 16-7 on the season coming in.
And another nice blocked by Audrey Dipoko. We have got a nice game tonight.
CHRISTY: yes. MICHAEL: a short serve that time, over, Liana
Knapp, Danielle Spencer, Audrey Dipoko, she really gets up there.
Galani looking for the defense. Great safe there by Galani.
CHRISTY: great job of sticking with the play and digging for everything.
MICHAEL: good reaction. CHRISTY: first from Deborah Aviles and then
from Galani. Deborah Aviles with a nice run from the service
line. MICHAEL: Galani with four diggs’s night.
When I looked at Galani and saw that she leads the team and kills with 210, but she is also
right up there with diggs at 91. Is that often that the kill specialist is
also so high in diggs? CHRISTY: Galani plays all the way around,
she placed front row and passes when she plays back row.
She is one of the best athletes. It is not unusual.
If anything, it is assumed that she is sort of high up there in stats.
MICHAEL: that is for sure. This is a good point here.
To prove your point, look at this, Galani 13 kills, four digs, one block.
CHRISTY: she waited for that pass to be at the right height, as opposed to setting the
ball to another hitter. She is a all-around smart volleyball player.
MICHAEL: stats from our stat expert, Evan Brown, great job as always.
He is a one man band here. That is not easy.
CHRISTY: not at all. On a bench, we have three clipboards with
stats, so doing it all on his own. MICHAEL: he is doing the job of three people.
Here we go. That is going to go long.
CHRISTY: doing a great job of getting to that ball for a set.
MICHAEL: 20-15. Brown on the line, nice dig, Pamela Ngando
from the back line. All sides.
CHRISTY: I think the Raptors were expecting that hit to go a little deeper.
It did drop shorter than expected. MICHAEL: she got on top of that one.
Got the leverage. Nice save.
Kristen Markham, just hit off the side of her hand.
20-17. CHRISTY: that passed by Pamela Ngando.
MICHAEL: still alive. Did not hit the Raptors.
Got to get it over. They do.
And it goes long. That is with Kristen Markham on the line,
Raptors on top, 21-17. CHRISTY: it looks like it was flying out,
and she probably hesitated. MICHAEL: it is beginning to look like the
Raptors may take this one 3-0. Christy, there is nobody better qualified
to tell us who the player of the game is. Who is a going to be.
CHRISTY: I would put it on the player we talked about the most, Ioanna Galani.
MICHAEL: we have done to volleyball games this year, and both times Ioanna Galani has
been our player of the game. After watching her play, it is a tough choice,
but also an easy choice. She deserves it.
She is all over the stats. She is the emotional leader of this team.
Look at that reaction. She has got to fire this team up.
I see her supporting her teammates. She is a cheerleader.
CHRISTY: she is a well-rounded athlete. She’s
a well-rounded person in general.
She is great, no other way to put it. MICHAEL: Ioanna Galani, our player of the
game tonight. Very well deserved as she lights up the stats here.
Raptors now, 23-17, closing on a 3-0 victory, their 17th of the season.
The shot goes long. That will give Adventist another opportunity
here. Kristen Markham, Danielle Spencer, Pamela
Ngando, that is going to be tough. They can’t get it back.
Pamela Ngando put that in a tough spot. CHRISTY: deep corners are always the aim.
MICHAEL: when you talk about the stat sheet, she has done a great job of that as well.
She is right up there in a number of categories. Timeout.
We have been talking postseason for volleyball, soccer, and of course women’s soccer is ready
to start their postseason as well. They have finished 9-5 on the season.
They will come into their regional tournament having one eight of their last 10, including
four in a row. Their office is in high gear having scored
34 goals, while allowing just 11. The upcoming tournament, they enter as the
three seed. If the Raptors come out on top, then they
play for the championship on October 31 of 10:00 a.m.
Back to the action, could be matchpoint. Just to finish my thought, if the Raptors
do win, they play for the championship on the 31st at 10:00 a.m.
Back to action, again, this could be matchpoint. Audrey Dipoko Danielle Spencer, Pamela Ngando,
and that is it. CHRISTY: Pamela Ngando just exploded for that
kill. MICHAEL: the raptors take it 3-0.
25-16, 25-19, 25-19. Adventist has nothing to hang their head about.
They played very well. CHRISTY: both teams played there hearts out
tonight and with great emotion as you mentioned before.
Even now, they are still ecstatic about how they played.
They did play well. MICHAEL: here is another good look, Jessica
Nguiyim, Liana Knapp was the third. We will be right back with the winning coach.
You are watching Montgomery College volleyball. ¶
MICHAEL: welcome back to the campus of Montgomery College.
We are joined by Marie Cornejo-Steel, the winning head coach of the Montgomery College
Raptors. Thank you for joining us.
Congratulations. MARIE: thank you.
It was a bit of a struggle, more than I thought. Usually the last couple of games when we play
teams that were lower ranked, we’ve been able to polish them off.
Tonight, for whatever reason, we didn’t have the energy we usually do.
CHRISTY: that brings me to my first question, are you happy with how the girls play tonight?
What do you think they could have done better? MARIE: I think we could have communicated
better. MICHAEL: talk to us again about Ioanna Galani,
what a coach’s dream. You can see her stats.
She was our player of the game tonight. For assist, 13 kills, five diggs, one block,
two aces, 28 total attempts, and only four errors.
MARIE: she is just a monster on the court. She was killing it everywhere.
have to be happy to have a player on your team like that going in.
MARIE: she is a force to be reckoned with in the playoffs.
CHRISTY: with regionals coming up, what are your main focus for practicing?
MARIE: our serve. That would be the worst thing ever if we lost.
Consistency coming to our passing, we tend to do a lot of overpasses, so we will be working
on that, and overall communication. CHRISTY: back to the fundamentals, right?
MICHAEL: the postseason starts this Friday — no, this Saturday.
It will be at Howard Community College. Do you know you will play in the first round?
MARIE: we don’t know yet. I’m guessing that it will be Butler.
It will be between us, Butler, and Howard’s, so probably playing Butler.
MICHAEL: I tough first round. You did play them earlier in the year and
beat them. That has to give your good feeling going into
the postseason. MARIE: we will watch the tape again to see
where we can improve when it comes to them. It will be a tough game on Saturday.
MICHAEL: the best of luck to you in your very first postseason, in your very first season
as head coach, congratulations on that. MARIE: thank you.
MICHAEL: congratulations again on a very fine win tonight over a
very spirited Washington Adventist team.
MARIE: they are over there yelling like they want.
Why aren’t we doing the same thing?
MICHAEL: they had a tough season. MARIE: they got good touches as well.
MICHAEL: all right, again, thank you for taking the time to stop by and chat with us.
Congratulations on the wind. From the Rockville campus of Montgomery College,
the Montgomery Raptors take it 3-0 over the Washington Adventist.
Before we go, quick thank you again to my partner, Christy Mempin.
Thank you for joining us this year. The expertise you
have brought to the broadcast is appreciated.
Before you go, I want to say thank you to everyone on the hard-working Montgomery production team.
As always, great job. Once again, Montgomery College, the Montgomery
College Raptors take it 3-0.
Thank you for watching.

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