MC Volleyball v Potomac State Region XX Tournament Highlights

in the quarterfinals of the NJCAA d2
region 20 volleyball championship tournament the 3rd seeded MC Raptors
faced have succeeded Potomac State Catamounts and right from the opening
serve it was clear the Raptors had come to play
Danijela Sajak without big kill for the matches first point then her line me
Anya kept Renova blasted one of her own Julia Collins followed with an ace and
then Taylor Lewis literally swept across the floor for another devastating kill
as MC build a big lead they tripped the first set 25:14 when
they got a nice dig from Scheffer nova pretty set from Pyrrha Inge and then
another Lewis kill to make it 100 rapper the second set was rinse and repeat
Potomac State briefly led early but empty quickly took control King the
sajak another top aide from college and then MC unli
with a steady stream of pill Stepanova then Sajak again
then Lindsay ninja almost flattens of Potomac libero then a clever return of
attachment Skylar decent as MC 57 set 2512 to go up to nil and there was no
stopping the rappers in the third this week was coming Collins with the till
then – great MC Diggs first by n then another by decent sets up a devastating
tempering of a back row kill and then MC closed out the set and the match with a
steady series of blazing light kills as they rolled to a third set 25:16
win to take the match three nil the win sends the Raptors to the regional semis
tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. where they’ll have a tough matchup against number two
seated Northern Virginia and I’ll be there to cover it all for the Raptor
report I’m Michael Brown

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