MCC-Maple Woods Baseball

[instrumental music]
Hi, Marty Kilgore,
MCC-Maple Woods, Sports Training Center Manager,
head baseball coach. I’d like to talk a little bit
about the, uh, baseball program.
We have a very talented group. [baseball bat hitting]
And, uh, we did get off
to a very slow start, but we expect to be
in the play-offs come the end
of the season. The baseball program works
very hard on getting our kids
to the next level. We like to use baseball as a way
for the young men to continue
their education. We’ve also had several kids
have an opportunity to sign
professional contracts. Currently, we have three players
playing in the major leagues. Albert Pujols with
the St. Louis Cardinals, Logan Morrison with
the Florida Marlins and Randy Ruiz with
the Minnesota Twins. [Bubba] Hi, I’m Bubba Dodson.
I play right field
for MCC-Maple Woods. –I’m Jeff Kline, I’m a pitcher.
I also play for MCC-Maple Woods. [Bubba] And, uh,
[baseball bat hitting] we’d like to talk to you
about the team. Um, I feel pretty confident
with our team, and, uh, you know, the-the camaraderie
that we have between all
the guys and I really like that we’re all really good friends
and we’re really close and we feel comfortable
playing together. –I chose to go to Maple Woods
because, uh, you know,
it was close to home. [baseball bat hitting] It’s a good program, love the
coaches, they’re, uh,
big part of the team. [Bubba] One thing I really enjoy
about MCC-Maple Woods is, uh,
the coaching staff. And Marty really does
a great job at getting players
to the next level and his loyalty to his players
is unreal. [Jeff] Going to Maple Woods, I
think that I’ve learned a lot more
about pitching than I ever have and I think it’s really helped
me to get to the next level. I personally am going
to the University of Missouri next year after one season
last year. [baseball bat hitting]
And, I think, being here is, has what’s got me
to the next level and the ability to move on
to Division 1 baseball. [instrumental music]   

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