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Hello! Hello! Liv is really fascinating in the way that if you meet her, you think she’s super kind of humble and she doesn’t look like bad-ass but in the end, she has so much on her list
that it’s always surprising. “What, really, you did that?” My name is Liv Sansoz. I live in Chamonix, and I am from Les Arcs I’m a rock climber, an alpinist,
a skier and a paraglider And I’ve been working with
Salomon for six years. I really love being in the Mountains. Even if sometimes I’m a bit cold like now. My perfect ski day in the mountains would be a really long
day with my best friends. Starting really early at sunrise, finishing at sunset. Enjoying the mountains,
with no one around. The best advice I could
give to a young woman is to take the time to learn. Learn to be safe in the mountains, and how to manage any kind of situation.

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