Meet the APU WC Coaches: Emily G.

Hi guys! My name is Emily Goulding, and
I’m a professional staff coach at the Writing Center. I’ve also taught rhetoric
groups and writing courses here at APU. So, I was trained as a journalist,
and so I’m really interested in issues of thesis and clarity and kind of the
big ideas of how we approach really kind of telling the story – what we want to be
telling in our writing. And I used to focus on doing that with social impact
clients, but I’m really interested these days in helping young people kind of
lift their own voices and tell their own stories in ways that are clear and
empowering and appropriate for them. So one tip I have – this is kind of random –
but um, soy milk is really good as a creamer, like you don’t need
half-and-half, you don’t need steamed milk, sugar, or
anything. It’s all in there!

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