Meet the Coaches Night- Ben Spotts, Baseball

and we are back here for the second half
of our program tonight and we’re joined by our other new Bridgewater head coach
ben spotts but certainly very familiar to this school you’re back after 14
years as an assistant coach four years as a player so this had to be a dream a
dream job opportunity for you there’s a good opportunity to come back and one I
was excited about you know I spent so many years with Coach Kendall’s as a
player and coach 18 total years so you know certainly tell you this because
it was tough to leave when the time came for me to go you know to eastern mennonite to be head coach with the ties here but as he told me it was the right
decision but the time even though we had a lot of good things going here and it
was the best move I made to go be a head coach and learn what it took to be a
patient run your program certainly make the program better I felt be competitive
so but when the opportunity came to come back I was hoping that it worked out I’m going to do so as you
excited you back you did help elevate that program at Eastern Mennonite and
it’s in the same conference as well so what were some of the things you learned
there as a head coach that will help you now here probably just you know I
learned a lot of courage so I was fortunate that I was around… he
let me do a lot of things so recruiting or just you know how to
handle the budget and just different game strategies that I learned that
was able to come into this a little bit I guess it was good good lot of good
things I learned you feel confident running a program of what it takes
and so that part paid off how did you first get into baseball and first get
into coaching well my dad was a high school coach at fort defiance high school
for a long time so I grew up around the game and was you know for me
personally I wanted to be a high school social studies teacher and I wanted to
be a football coach and the baseball coach and that’s kind of where i planned on going I went my senior year at Bridgewater
I’ll talk to coach kendall and say hey you know I want to graduate I gotta come
back and teach you like me to help you the next fall certainly just volunteer and
be around it and he was gracious to let me do that too it worked out that I
stayed and taught and that’s all I ever did public state public education so one thing led to another and you know i’ve been in
a small college since then and but that’s all been that really kind of felt
like I wanted to do once I was around here on the back it’s worth that back as
a prospective student athlete coming to Bridgewater what are some of the things that
have enticed you to come here and then now you know how things changed what’s
still the same you know whatever what’s still a positive what are some new
things that you think are attractive about coming here for a student well for
me at the time I just I wanted to play high school ball I wanted to play
college baseball somewhere whatever level worked out and it happened to be
that coach Kendall was at a debut camp and he saw me and today you know I have
an interest in playing here at Bridgewater it’d be awful to being close
by and I didn’t know a lot about bridgewater I start pulling some research back
then there was no internet so it was just media guides and stuff would come up
and visit I fell in love with the place that has really worked out as at my time
there’s a as a player to student and for me coming back now after being gone for
seven years a lot of things have changed for the better and a lot of things are
the same for the better which is good too so there’s a lot of familiarity
there but the campus is beautiful and I think recruiting wise it’s a good
opportunity because like we all that work there believe it in education first
class you know financial aid is very competitive is a beautiful campus a
great location our facilities are good so it’s immediate to their brain or
why wouldn’t you want to come there as you put those things together so it’s
been great to be back feel like we’ve got a lot of things to sell there what
are some of the characteristics now that you’re looking for in a student-athlete
to recruit to your program well we want to find guys who want to work hard
because I’m not short on that so we’re gonna work hard but I’m into it
so we want to find guys I think our passion about the game and
excited about playing but at the same time the bridge learners where they want
to be and I think through the good the bad when things go well for you when you
struggle a little bit and you’re homesick if you know this is where you
want to be and you got the right culture they can wade through the tough times
and the great and the good times are that much more enjoyable so we just want
to find kids bring them to campus fit our style of play and you know our
players we think that we can make better so I knew when I went through as a player I thought my better days are ahead of me it’s like that bigger and stronger and I
think that’s week five guys it’s your better days or have your first set of
spring practices but going with the team you know what does the roster look like
sort of what some of your philosophies that you’re partnering up on the team
now well we’ve been very fortunate the weather’s been great I’ve done this
20-some years and this is yeah it’s funny one time well we used to start
this years ago I felt like you know you know the early to mid nineties like
somebody gets snow up until mid-march and I feel like that’s changed now so we’ve
been outside a lot we’re going been inside really two days when we had to be
inside so that part’s made it good for us to work with our players and kind of
see what happened because of when we started we’ve had hit the ground running
we used to feel like yet you know four weeks or stuff before your first game
now you could pretty much set it back into your second week a scrimmage then
on the third we can you open up so you’ve got to play get moving pretty
quick here so the good weather makes that easier at the same time you know
guys have worked hard and they’ve got some ability and you know we’re better
position player wise and all offensively and we’re gonna lean upon that as we get
started here so that part’s been exciting they’ve worked hard you’ve
probably been comfortable very veteran you know the conference well what are
your goals for the team this season well I mean I think certainly just to try to
you know get guys to be committed to program year-round and what it takes to
play and every year college program whether it’s in the
weight room whether it’s summer baseball under your development the summer and
really guys make it a priority what they do year-round i think that’s you know
one of our goals and I think the other goal to for our program is like anybody
will make the tournament and you will be playing their best baseball end of the
year and I think that’s really our goal is to be playing our best baseball
because we do have some questions we got to figure out these we got to get
answers to and you know they gotta learn medium how I kind of work and one things
down at the same time you know when you get into conference play here another 14
or 16 games into it you got to be pretty to have an idea what you have so that’s
our goal to figured out here to preseason and then some of our early
season games and then hopefully we plan our best baseball week at the end of the
year because and I learned it’s occurred over the years and I think one of the
trademarks for bridgewater college baseball programs is they’ve always
played well come tournament time and I think even though the format’s changing with
the last couple years with the setup that’s still our goal was we playing
good baseball game end of the year so last question you keep mentioning curt here
you’ve come in having been a part of 469 victories here and eight ODAC
Championships of course curt won nearly 800 games so is that intimidating are
you planning to pass him that’s what I got like start at this I don’t think that’s
what happened so no look I mean it’s just said it’s I’ve been fortunate I’ve
been in the league since I guess the spring of 94 maybe I’ve been in this
league I’ve been his league a long time so I’ve seen a lot of things change with
it and stuff and I’ve been fortunate to have a lot of success have been to regionals and see our league continue to evolve from you know great being a
strong baseball conference so the success we’ve had over the years I think
it’s been helped me to get an idea about you know what it takes to compete this
level and compete at a high level and you know so being around it’s been good
but now it’s quite a lot of victories there but the same time I don’t always
go well hopefully many over here thanks good luck with your first season as the
head coach at Bridgewater and ben spotts thank you

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