Meet the Woman Saving Missouri’s Bats

(soft string music) – [Voiceover] What I love
about seeing bats is just how graceful they are. The way they fly, they flip,
they flutter, they move. – It’s moving out now. – [Voiceover] They’re just stunning. It was just kind of a love
at first sight that has stayed with me my entire life. They’re just part of my world. (bats fluttering) I am Kirsten Alvey-Mudd,
the Executive Director and founder of Missouri Bat Census. – And I’m a bat lady. (quick percussion music) – [Voiceover] When we
heard word in 2006 about white nose syndrome I knew that
we had a very short window. White nose syndrome is a fungus that grows on a bat’s nose,
on its wings, on its tail, anywhere where the bat doesn’t have fur. It causes it to wake too many times from its winter hibernation sleep. They may hang where they’re
at in a cave and just starve to death or fly
out on a cold day and will be lost on the landscape. – See these little blotches in his wing? That’s what we’re looking for. – [Voiceover] It also
invades a bat’s wings tissue and it eats away at their wings. – Hey, but it’s almost spring, buddy. You got a chance to make it. Some of your roomies did not survive. See how we have a dead bat here. Another bat right there. Another good-sized one there. It’s really hard, not just
because I enjoy the caving but I enjoy the bats themselves. And I just want to do
everything to protect them and help them hang on
until we find some method that we can intervene on their behalf. (upbeat enthusiastic music) – [Voiceover] We’ve began our
bat rescue and rehab programs here in the State of Missouri. – Are you hungry? – [Voiceover] Right now, the
bats that I have at my location are all big brown bats. These guys all came into
us as little orphaned hairless pups. In the next few weeks they’ll
be getting a chance to see if they can fly and eat
and maintain their weight on their own, in the
hopes of releasing them back into the wild. – Are you looking for more? There are so many
misconceptions about bats. I just wish that everybody
would realize that they have an integral part of our ecosystem. There’s a real sense of
pride that we have helped these bats gain in population numbers. Nobody has to pat me on the back for it. I feel it, it’s the thank
you from them as I see many more and more of
them surviving and living healthy and happy. That’s what I’m out for. (energetic string music)

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