Meet Tyler Londoner #326 on his journey to presenting on television

So I used to play for England handball, following on from that, I successfully completed my studies and just as I was about to go to university, I took a chance and said in my gap year. I’m gonna try and get into TV. Nine times out of ten we stick within our comfort zone, we stick within the safety premises but the only real time that you actually grow, is when you step outside of the norm when you do something that is completely outside of your comfort zone, that is a risk and you don’t know if it’s gonna go well and things like that and it’s just that I guess that excitement kind of came over me. There were some really dark times that I went through, some real bad battles with mental health at a young age I became a recluse, I wouldn’t come out of my bedroom I’ll just sit there, I’d play playstation at the most and I wouldn’t go to school, I wouldn’t yeah literally I just wouldn’t move in anyway, I wouldn’t open my blinds, I wouldn’t do anything and then it became a situation where I thought okay cool, I need I need to fix up I need to I can even like let this you break me, or it can make me, and I just kind of turned that into a sort of tackle and fuel where I could just move forward and sort of use it as my motivation My inspiration on a week to week basis, comes down to my mum. My mum is my biggest, I’m a big mummy’s boy but it’s only because she as a single mum, she did such a good job bringing me and my brother up. And we went through tough tough times, like don’t get me wrong there was times there that you know we would have to go to the supermarket with bare minimal money and try and put together a dinner for us for the evening and she’d try and make it into like a sort of game well who can you know get the cheapest meal for like two pounds and things like that, so she is my motivation week in week out. Mainly also because any time I have something that goes out on like a screen, she’s like the most excited person like she is like the biggest fan. I think I’m still very much at the start of my journey. if you aim up here and get here, then it’s better than aiming there and getting there even lower right? I just keep striving, keep going whether it is documentaries, setting up a production company, I mean keeping an open mind is the biggest bit of advice or tip that I can tell myself. With mental health that’s a big obstacle in itself being able to pick back up and keep going in the same direction without giving up, like the workload that I have now is up here only because of the things that I’ve been through, only because of the obstacles that I’ve overcome, it’s almost like another reason to get up it’s another reason to go out there and seek the next bit of work, or I’ll come up with a creative idea and change the world bit by bit that’s exactly what I want to do in my work. click the videos to watch
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