Melbourne Renegades take on the carsales Minute Challenge: Round 2

Cover teh face up, most importantly Pads on, always do the middle strap first Does it have to be done up? I like having it undone. Oh my god, how do you do this?? Stich up again by carsales! There’s too much hair I can’t put pads on with gloves on This is ridiculous DONE! Woooh I didn’t think that through Oh my god that almost hit it No box on Geez I’m seeing them well I’m going dizzy Ahhh she’s stiching me up What does LBW stand for? Leg before wicket Where on a car would you find a muffler? At the back How many titles have the Renegades won? Won what? Yeah which Renegades team? Once When a player is dismissed by the first ball they are said to be out for a what? Golden duck Generally speaking, what colour car do they say goes faster? Red Which player took the most wickets during the BBL08 season? Kane Richardson Which WBBL player revealed a unique hidden talent last year? Maitlan Brown singing Finish this sentence, keep left unless… Overtaking Who are the mascots for the Renegades? Sledge and Robina??? True or false. On Australian roads we drive on the right hand side. False What genre of music makes you a worse driver? Rock Who won that? My hands are so sweaty, they’re honestly glistening. I was very confused by most of them.

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