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Kestin: Okay, uh, unfortunately I just got stuck. Pat: Pffttttt- Jess: Oh No! Pat: Bummer. Kestin: Yeah the um.. yeah the hill that I was just walking down on Kestin: apparently oh- Andy: Woah! Kestin: -well hello. Andy: NOO! Kestin: Oh Everyone: *Laughs* Kestin: Awesome! *Intro Plays* Jess: Hey guys Aphmau here and welcome to a very VERY special Hide and Seek. Jess: Today I am joined by some wonderful people and we are on the Diaries set. Jess: Which is awesome because we are actually joined by Garroth, Dante, and Brendan BUT Jess: We are going to be doing a special episode where we’re actually going to be talking to them as themselves Jess: I mean so not like Garroth Garroth but you know like his voice actor *Silence* Kestin: Wait we gotta act like normal people-? Jess: Yeah! Kestin: This is going to be crazy Pat: *Sighs* Andy: Oh gawd I cant remember what my normal self is like! Pat: *Fake voice* Thank god, got tired of doing those weird lil’ boy voices. They were weird Jess: Thats actually his real- Kestin: I gotta silenece all the little voices in my head! Everyone: *Giggles* Jess: SOOO- Andy: See that’s my normal laugh I actually have one of those Jess: Let me introduce them one by one because this is going to be a little confusing for some of you who don’t know them by their real name Jess: Unless you check the description down below which you totally SHOULD! Jess: Anyway *giggles* Jess: So starting off, we have Andy who plays the voice of Garroth in MCD Andy: Hey~ Jess: Yay~ :3 Hi, he’s really cool and we’re gonna get to know him a little bit more during this- Jess: -BUT over here we have Dante who plays the voice of wAITT- *realizes mistake and laughs* Jess: We have Kestin who plays the voice of Dante AND Zane in MCD Kestin: What’s up everybody? Jess: We have over here Pat who plays the voice of Brendan and for those of you who know Minecraft Diaries, Travis. Pat: *Fake Voice* Well hello everybody how ya doi- Pat: *Coughs* *Normal Voice* Hi everybody how ya’ll doing Jess: *Laughs* Andy: *Laughs* Jess: Just so you’re not confused, but Travis hasn’t been introduced in MCD as a character yet. Jess: So we wanted to stay away from bringing Travis in- so we brought him in as his other character Brendan. Jess: Hi Pat: *lies* It’s cool Brendan’s cooler anyway Jess: So lets go ahead and begin Jess: HAH Pat: OH Kestin: Okay then Pat: Shadow Knight? Jess: Look at you! Pat: *Evil Laugh* Kestin: Boy… Jess: So if you get tagged you turn into a Shadow Knight Jess: The story can- Kestin: The true evil has revealed itself! Andy: Well that was fast Pat: Oh god Jess: *Laughs* Pat: The edge is strong Jess: You’re so edgy Kestin: Is he- is he already seeking? Andy: YES! I know right! Jess: yes- Jess: -he’s already seeking Andy: Jezz! Pat: I need- I need to find the chaos Emeralds Andy: Oh shut up, edge lord! Kestin: Ok, shadow, lets calm down a bit Everyone: *Laughs* Pat: You want to come back down here Jess: No Pat: You want to come down here Jess: No, I don’t want to go down there Pat: Come on, there’s cake and soda. It’s going to be great Jess: That’s a big lie I don’t see cadoda (kadota?) Jess: C-csh soda! Andy: See cadoda Yoda *Pat, Andy, and Kestin talk at once* Jess: *Giggles* Kestin: sercet oda yoda soda! Pat: Uhh- I am lagging out a lot.. Andy: smell like midi-chlorians Kestin: *laughs* Pat: yeah Jess: URGH! Andy: oohhh~ Pat: Now you’re a shadow knight Jess: I saw you lagging so I gave that to you. Pat: thanks Andy: aha~ sympathy edge~ Jess: also I wanted to see me as a shadow knight Pat: Oh that’s what it is. Pat: oh oh~ Andy: OH~ I see one of ya! I SEE ONE OF YA! Pat: Do you? Andy: Yea, I don’t know who it is Andy: I can’t see the names Kestin: *small laugh* Jess: So let me ask you guys a question. Jess: Out of all the characters you play who’s Jess: your favorite? Pat: *whine* I hate answering this question Kestin: Oh boy… Jess: *laughs* Andy: OH WELL I QUITE ENJOY PLAYING A BIT OF CHAD- Andy: -HE’S RATHER INTERESTING TO PLAY- Andy: -HE’S INSANE AND IS BRILLIANT! *Kestin and Jess laugh* Pat: Good talk, buddy Andy: Well, thank you! Kestin: I think he had that answer prepared. Jess: You’ve just been waiting for me to ask you that question. Andy: SHUUT UPP~ Pat: No I didn’t~ Andy: Leave my fanfics out of this~! *Andy and Jess chuckle* Kestin: Uh- it. I’ll answer mine, uhm- um. Jess: This is sad. Andy: Aww *pout* Kestin: I mean- Zane was the first one- Kestin: -that I ever voice at voiced a character- Kestin: -as for you Jess and Dante was second but- Kestin: -in Diaries I think the third is- Kestin: -was it the third one or the fourth one? I think- uh Raven- Kestin: -was the third one if I had to pick like top- Kestin: -three because I do a lot of voices for you. Jess: The first boice- VOICE, voice- Jess: -actor I- uhh, brought on- uhm, in 2000 and uhm, 2012 or 13? Andy: Back when this world was young Kestin: I believe it was 2012 back when you had your uh the pokemon iron and coal server (gotta catch em’ all!) Jess: *memories* Yes, that’s right and I found I found your demo reel. Jess: I found actually a lot of demo reels through YouTube I typed in, I needed a new character, Jess: And I was just like *flip out mode* “VOICE ACTOR DEMO REEL 2016!” Everyone: *Laughs* Jess: I’m not even joking! You wanna know how ta getcha- *laughs* Jess: That’s how I
Kestin : Oh I am. Okay, I uh unfortunately I just got stuck. Jess: Oh no. Patt: Bummer. Kestin: Yeah the um.. yeah the hill that I was just walking down on apparently- oh well Andy: Woah!
Kestin: Hello Everyone: *Laughs*
Kestin: Awesome! Andy: *Gurgles* Patt: *weird voice* Oh, don’t do that. I’d ever did the voice where i got it i like pokemon the world where you get to explore like you better hurry what fun adventures we owe what you like more adventures where you find when you are a shadow tonight when you go to another realm its shape is your house it’s like are your shadow boy overshadow girl oh my gosh this is raj microns some is this is my grandson what was his name again Reaper let’s get his sacred yeah mixed strong like friends and see him again edge Lord ok oh my God we’re all three dozen I think I think I think my favorite character for the show if I really had to answer probably Casey all Caitlyn a brother yeah he’s very sweet and very nice and I’d like to know more about him aldo Travis holds a very special place in my heart because he’s the first character had like such a drastic character arc and i love it i have to say it like yeah now I get to play his evil daddy oh yeah that’s what I’m talking about kids let me tell you enjoyed that girl the whole special spot remember everything I remember when I cast him out like make me swoon for your that was the first thing I said when I casted lawrence and guard i was like i need medieval guys but I need them to be like really guys so attractive won’t be attractive i guess that would make it from your objective you you go weather for completing the original detail oh and I said you and I was like hey I like your book i sent out 20 20 emails to bas who denied me because they said that they didn’t think that this is gonna well well look who’s laughing now oye ok let’s all laughing in unison haha so for your character in season two was if your flight well I don’t know you got you didn’t voice and see if that but what’s your favorite moment young people because i think for season two I only avoid gabon for that one spite seen yeah he did yeah I think back 20 there we go Dante only spoke for the first time ever in season two I believe for me but you know it’s like there any deep moments in season 2 or travis could talk to oh ok saying we couldn’t afford that didn’t know what I likely story we didn’t take enough cupcakes that day I don’t make it I pay them because it’s not good it’s not you but um the reason that we didn’t have a lot of voice acting in season two was because we couldn’t have a budget for it and of course we had to like you know put down a few uh haha I’m Saturday now a better friend a 10 on your right well yeah that’s the reason why we did have a lot of voice acting in the season two but season three were planning on doing a lot more as you can tell like almost everything and sees episode 11 voice acted so I think that’s pretty cool the episode where he run off and completely complained that his ship didn’t happen basically that’s pretty bad and then he joins and as a result no no more than just a good point in the second season yet when okay I got you yeah what was it was a basis like he is like after comes up to him and basically just told him about you know right right yeah I’m like I married child now are ya finally got to let rip with him and he was gonna like you know what that was a lot of there was a lot of character based tension could release their yeah that was probably my favorite movie is playing the character anyway cuz I’m all and probably the other one where you catch the where he got it was like first-person view oh yeah that was that was really fun to try out yeah actually that emphasis in that episode is one of my favorite moments where um with Raven where um we’ve been building up ivy this whole time is one of these dangerous feelings and all of a sudden Raven just swoops in your head i’m gonna tell you that was my favorite to film because trying to figure out how to get that off was a hectic well this show the Raven come down we’ll put a blood black really screen so real a job and it works well I can feel like the Bloods coming right at me who do you could not keep your head in the game i am still not your friend raven with he’s just one of my favorite characters is just so cool and level-headed i love the pointed irony as well as a slippery couple of episodes be previously like st. just heart died horribly his life now your camera sidekick basically Oh Pat for you for any I know that you weren’t really like a huge like in voicing in season two but in all series in jail and all the series in general what do you think arm of all the series actually something we talk about this because i think it was the one more actually me myself broke down and cried it was it was the ship scene with travis and caitlin where Travis finally standing up for himself like this is like not okay for you to do as a person and I think that she just hit so hard home for me like I walk out of the booth and I actually cried oh yeah it’s nice it’s nice when a role actually does that oh yeah definitely just like wasn’t this hits so far home just want to make me do with I like I just right up it feels like every other day I don’t mean that freakin hurt you know so good as it’s a good sign because obviously you if we couldn’t fall in love with the character enough and actually feel it’s emotion that’s the whole butter huge chunk of voice acting oh yeah don’t know sometimes I mean anything yeah if we’re feeling in the audience is feeling it then we’ve done our job all of us I mean I know I don’t pass felt every now and again I think I i assume you have his work and i have another game there’s a role you do when you come out of there and you’re like you you can’t get out that motion for a while no yeah yeah thirsting for those who don’t know there’s been points where even when i’ve been recording live because there’s been points where me and Jess would get into a recording session and she would read lines back to me so I would answer back so i would make the recording of little bit more genuine well since she has controlled the script there be points where she’d actually start typing out new lines for me while I was reading the lines already written out i won’t say what she had me say what I i was it took me a bit to realize that she was still typing this out and I was like and the seats made me say stuff like wait a minute this is important this is to not be what’s happening I want yes one big rigs great i know you want to go again like me Brian you want to go commando bro I’m shadowing slightly with andy for the april fools just might as well designed to serious so Andy what that day was I wrote that and i was so tired because i think i was offensive like and i forgot that i left that in there because i was like a good table for those things you know I didn’t find out until I ages later so i was watching the episode think it last seen looking for what yeah well because I thought you get out before you alright so let’s um let’s do a quick quick flash thing so that’s it for this like little segment of like hide-and-seek plus how to be a voice actor not how to be always acted more like interview with the voice actors kind of thing so um quickly we’re gonna do a quick last thing I’m gonna give you two seconds to give some piece of advice for being a voice actor and you can’t copy the present piece of advice and let’s go buddy what does everyone get ready i learned how to keep secrets and you definitely have a lot of patience because of all the time you got us over to second together you get it yep okay Pat people aim for our kind and eat lots of green apples good that it what voice acting is not easy it’s not just talking to a mic it’s hard love what you do if you want to do it that was three seconds get out that was my cue to go over whatever bye i admitted it anyway guys you heard it straight from the voices themselves remember to like their voices that if you’re interested in this be sure to pursue whatever you like whether it be wasted acting writing or doing YouTube videos that are all you know follow your dreams be a star go the planets and remember if someone gets in the way of your dreams punch him yeah take care guys that’s why do I didn’t I didn’t I didn’t say it get out like reading a book I can order destruction drag on

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