Men’s Hockey: Erik Brown

>>Amlong along the wall. Fires. Scores in front! It’s Brown with four seconds remaining. Put a five spot in the second period.>>Unbelievable!>>Let’s talk about your scoring prowess. 25 goals in the last 49 games. That may be the most incredible stat that maybe no one’s talking about.>>You know, I don’t think it’s all my doing. I think my line mates have played a big part in that. At the end of the last year, I played with Abbott Girduckis and Gabe as well. They’re just a couple players that I think we work well together. Abbott is a very good passer. Gabe is kind of an all-around guy. You know, I think we cycle the puck in the corner well, and create opportunities and I’ve just been the guy that’s been fortunate enough to be able to put the puck in the net.>>Right out in front. Brown with the deflection.>>Erik just brings out a real strength to that line. He’s got great size, he’s got great quickness. His first steps are very quick for a big guy. And when he uses his size, that is a hard guy to get the puck off of. And when he’s in tight, he not only can use some of that quickness that we talked about as a strength, but he’s got great hands. So he’s got good hands around the net, and he’s able to finish.>>Valenzuela. Brown tapping over to Girduckis. Girduckis in front. Brown fires and scores! Erik Brown with the goal. His team leading 14th, and the Tigers –>>I’m sure you’re aware your plus/minus is one of the best in the league. so you’re playing on both ends of the ice.>>Yeah, definitely. I take pride in that. I remember growing up, one of the first things my dad would always ask me after a game wasn’t how do you think you played, or whatever. It was my impact on the ice, not just am I scoring or in the right places defensively. Making an overall impact on the game. Because if you’re scoring a goal, but you’re — you’re on the ice for two against, you’re not having a very positive impact on the game.>>He’s managed to become even or plus one or plus two. And the team, that we’re taking their top line And also tagging a negative on them, and I think that bodes well for our team. That’s a good match up. We don’t have to put necessarily just checkers against the other team’s top line. We can play our top line against them, and then we’re able to do other things with other lines that I think are beneficial to us.>>When you’re now — being the coach, what would you like to see him do better if there are things he can do better. Where are some of the flaws? If there are any in his case.>>No, there’s always flaws. There’s always things you can get better at. You know, still puck protection, still not opening up and making it easy to get people to get the puck off of you. You’ve still got to protect it, and he continues to work on that. Being very consistent in getting the pucks out of our end. And when I say consistent, if you want to make it out another level, it can’t be 9 out of 10, it has to be 10 out of 10. 9 out of 10 is what people in the minors do, and 8 or 7 out of 10 is you don’t get anything from it.>>Every year regardless of my point production, or how well I played the previous year, I’m always looking to come back and be a better, bigger, faster, stronger player. I trained this summer with some pros, and stuff like that. Ryan Callahan, Brian Gionta so I really tried to watch those guys. Pick up on little things.>>I know he’s garnering some attention from the NHL. People have come in and watched him, and continue to come back, which means they must have liked something they saw the first time. I think there’s something there for his future as well.>>Maybe I lead by example. I’m the kind of player that goes out there, and he does his job on the ice and works hard. He gives that second effort. And I’ve always played like that, and I hope that maybe guys look at me in that light. and go, “Huh, Brown, he’s working a little extra hard. Maybe I should work equally as hard.” And stuff like that.

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