Men’s Hockey: Girduckis Brothers

>>Abbot and Aiden Girduckis were pretty typical
siblings growing up in Belleville, Ontario.>>Having siblings, I know that you don’t always get along. I mean, did you have times like that that you recall? Oh non stop, yeah, I’d say every time we played, it’d – we would end in something like that where one would be mad the other and that would end the day of playing and then We’d move on the next day. We’d hang out again. There are some times when we’ve been playing mini sticks or something like that and we’d be pretty competitive and arguing about like if a goal in it or not And then there would end up being a little scruff alors a fight, but who usually started it? I that was probably me, honestly But despite countless fights and disagreements over the years the two have remained close while sharing a love for hockey Especially growing up and him falling sort of the same path as I have that definitely helped the tightness he’d look for me for advice and I try and help him along his way and Yeah, I guess especially through juniors and then going into college too We basically took the same path. So that definitely brought us even closer. How often do you keep in touch keeping contact? Oh, I’d say almost daily. Maybe five times a week. We’d be texting each other, especially after the weekends I’ll see how his games went and how things are going. What does that mean to you to have a big brother like that? Who’s been through similar experiences to lean on yeah He’s helped me a lot for through understanding how how the process of things works And yeah I mean if it wasn’t for him you probably I probably would Be in a lot rough rougher shape than I would be right now. Abbott is a senior forward and co-captain at RIT Aiden is a freshman defenseman at Robert Morris And while they’ve played hockey since they were old enough to walk The brothers have never faced off against each other in a game that counts now RIT visited Robert Morris back in October but unfortunately, you were injured and didn’t get a chance to play how disappointing was that for you the weekend before you know, I accidentally like a referent into me and yeah, it was rough and Yeah, I sprained my MCL But it didn’t it didn’t hurt that bad it was just the danger of hurting it further I guess so I was trying to like show like oh I’m fine. I can play I can play but the doctor wouldn’t allow it So barring a playoff meeting this weekend will be the only time that your Ducky’s brothers will face off And there’s no doubt. They plan to cherish the moment We haven’t really ever had the chance to share the same ice and a real competitive game It seems every time that I would catch to the league He’s on he would be moving on to the next one and I finally caught up to him this this time So yeah, this will be an exciting time for me for sure. It’ll be pretty cool, especially Him being a demon moving forward I’m gonna try and get down in this corner, but I think it’d be cool first and then but once the puck drops I think it’s it’s go time will be the perfect way this weekend could go for you that we get to play against each other both games a Good amount of ships against each other get some good competition and then obviously a couple RIT wins Which is huge because we’re going down the stretch here We need a win both games and then get to rub it in his face after

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