Men’s Hockey: RIT vs AIC 11-10-18

>>Gerduckis, 2 on 1. Brown, fires, scores! Eric Brown’s 5th of the season. RIT leading 1 to nothing. Cameron, chipping in ahead to Hamacher. Hamacher, fires and scores! Hamacher in a grade A area and the tigers 5:32 into this game with a quick 2 nothing lead. Hamacher. And whoa! I thought that was offsides. Oh! They might take a look at it, but Hamacher with a goal for RIT. It’s 3 to nothing. Brown. Muscling his way ahead. Brown, beating at front, it’s just sitting there. It went in? It went in! How did that go in? Taking a run the Tigers up 4 nothing. Another penalty coming up and it’s gonna be Tigers down 5 on 3, Here’s Reinhardt walking in. Extra attacker on the ice. 6 men on the ice now for AIC as Christensen fires and scores. So that comes on to delayed penalty and AIC hanging around. It’s now 4-1 on the powerplay goal. 3:45 remaining in the major penalty Duel American International. Swing pass to Willett. Willett in front, pass hit by Brown. Eric Brown, second tonight hit by Eric Brown. Cole was onsides. Cole going in, save made and still there. Alright, so cosmetic goal 3.6 seconds remaining, the goal goes to Chris Dodero, his first of the season.

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