Mental Approach to Baseball Hitting : Baseball Hitting: Staying Relaxed

As in some of the previous episodes we talked
about some of the mental aspects of hitting. Here’s one little new one to think about.
When you step in the box, it’s you against the pitcher. The left fielder doesn’t matter.
The first baseman doesn’t matter. Your coach over there. Again, it doesn’t really matter.
It’s you against the pitcher. Just a little thing to try and gain an edge. Now if you’re
sitting there and you know you’re coming from on deck, you’re walking up to get in the box.
First thing you want to do is just look at the pitcher. Now you’re going to step in.
Step in, get yourself ready. And then step out. Why do you do that? So you can get the
signals from your coach. Just kind of make sure you’re relaxed, you’re loose, you’re
ready to go. All the while you’re paying attention to the pitcher. Is he on the rubber yet? Is
he not on the rubber yet? If he’s not on the rubber yet, stay here. Make him get on the
rubber first. Why do you want to do this? It’s a little subconscious thing but you’re
asserting your superiority. You’re showing, hey, I’m more important than you. You need
to get on the rubber before I get in the box. Just a little thing and what does that do?
That creates a little bit of hesitation in his mind. A little bit of doubt that may make
him throw the ball maybe down the middle instead instead of a perfect pitch on the outside
corner. Things like that. So just think about it. When you’re getting ready look at your
coach, look at your signs, get yourself relaxed, loose, ready to go. Wait for the pitcher.
Make him get in there first. Then you get in the box.

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