Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro – Fahrbericht/Review [ENG SUB]/Sound/Test – HIGHLIGHTS 2019

After the Renault Trophy-R, this is our second “track special. We’re in the AMG GT R Pro, limited to 750 units. And if you’re looking at the stats you will notice that it doesn’t have any more power compared to the standard GT R The improvements don’t contain more power, this will finally be the case with the upcoming Black Series. The Pro wants to improve in terms of handling, aerodynamics and by a weight reduction. It uses adjustable coilovers, reworked aero parts with little flics at the front, and a new frontsplitter. And just like the normal GT R the Pro also has the little yellow traction control switch at the center which operates a 9-stage-traction control, that glues the GT R Pro right to the line depending on the setting You can instantly hear the 4.0 l biturbo-V8 a real monster of an engine with huge loads of torque down low but it also revs like a beast The traction control helps nicely as the normal GT R had it’s problems from time to time to get the power down. But this has improved in the Pro. The Suspension gives the car more traction the aero improves stability a little in the fast stuff Brakes feel great, and so does the steering which gives you a great sense of precision just the back end can be a little tricky to handle sometimes because power kicks in a savage manner then the traction control comes in handy as it really helps you to get power to ground properly and drive a good line This thing pulls, wow! And everthing accompanied by the wild noise of the V8 The car can be driven very precisely the front end grips nicely as soon as the tyres heat up The engine is insane! The suspension does a good job especially on the bumpy bits you can feel the improvement over the standard car Everything feels more stable Wow, insane! It’s just a monster of an engine no matter which car it powers AMG GT, C63, E63, even in all the SUVs it’s just a force of nature The dual-clutch transmission has close ratios and reacts instantly to inputs no stupid delay within the downshifts The transmission really helps you to put the power down effectively as we have 700 nm of torque and of course only RWD. The rear wheel steering is barely recognisable which i think is a good thing as the rear tyres are already under a lot of stress from all the power. It’s a real trackbeast although it’s still a relatively heavy car at over 1,6 tons With a full tank and driver you’re looking at over 1,7 tons. It’s good progress over the standard car but i’m really curious what the black series will be capable of because this thing is already a real weapon and so much fun with this thunderous V8. Well done AMG, well done! Full Story in the new issue of Auto Bild Sportscars.

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