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♪ [rock music intro] ♪ Hello ladies and gentlemen of YouTube time for another Metal Earth build, another Barman Metal Earth build, today I have the Bat Signal. And this is the first Bat Signal they came out with looks like it’s for the the older.. movies. Oh no, it says the Dark Knight so I guess it’s for the Dark Knight, Which were the sort of middle movies ’cause now they are starting to come out with even newer ones. But, anyway. This doesn’t look to terribly complicated except for some of the pieces around the base might be very thin and, and uh challenging to build if you don’t have the right tools. But I can sit here and talk about what I think it’s going to be all day What I need to do is open this up and see what’s inside. Ahh, the Bat Signal. [tearing] Instructions. Metal sheets. Let’s open up the instructions. [rustling paper]
Take a quick peek This one is… long ways here. We have the.. first page and as usual, a line drawing. A bit about insertion tabs, folds, needle nose pliers, the legend. For the blue circle You’re supposed to fold the tab or bend the tab over if you see that in the directions. Green triangle, if you see that in the directions, you should twist the tab. And then we have down here The two.. layouts for the two metal sheets. One. Oh, not quite, there we go. Annnnnd, there we go. And it gives you the part numbers, points to where they are so you can find them on the sheet. And then if we slide over to page 2 we have the beginning of the assembly flow chart starting with part 1.. two.. here’s a little.. separate thing that shows you how to fold part 2 to attach it here so on and so forth. You’ve got part 3, again telling you how to fold, part 2. Part 4, 5, so on and so forth [paper rustling]
Flip it over We’ve got page 3. And you just continue and follow the arrows. And then slide it over. I’m going to slide over to page 4 aaaand this is where you finish up. So not very complicated. The tools that I will use to build these kits.. These are the basics, although it doesn’t seem that basic. We have a ..fairly general set of tweezers. We have some other more special set of tweezers. A thinner set, I have one that has a very pointed end. This one also had a pointed end but I ground it down a little bit and it’s great for grabbing just the tabs in tight areas. [thunk] I have a couple of.. pliers here. One is a longer needle nose, one is a flat nose. These are. smooth inside. There’s no ridges so it doesn’t damage any of the parts when you hold on to it. And a pair of clippers, or flush cutters. They’re real good clipping the parts out of the tree which is much easier and better than trying to twist and break them out. When it comes to shaping parts I have an assortment of different things to use. I have dowel rods that I’ve used for quite some time. A couple of them have had the ends sharpened with a pencil sharpener. Which are great for making cone shapes. I have a inexpensive drill bit set with a lot of different sized bits to help with forming cylinder shapes.. I also have a couple of step mandrels. I’m not saying that you need all of this but these are different tools that I have acquired, and I kind of go back and forth depending on the situation. Round nose pliers or ring pliers as I’ve heard them called, can come in quite handly. These have rounded tips and you can use these to shape some of the more unusual or smaller areas that are hard to get with the big fingers like I have. So I’ve got the metal sheets, some tools, the directions, let’s get started. ♪ [dark suspenseful music] ♪ These fins are just plain tedious. If I did not have such a thin set of tweezers folding this correctly would be nearly impossible. Even with the tweezers, some of the sides folded uneven and the tabs did not line up. Most of the tabs on the fins were so close together I had to wedge them apart with the point of the tweezers so I could grab and twist them. The base for this kit is not like most of them. The sides fold that in two sections. It was tricky and I didn’t get it perfect but I got it pretty close. ♪ [different dark music] ♪ Parts 7 though 14 are all the rings that go in the back of the light. Each one larger than the last. I spent a lot of time carefully finding the right size drill bit, dowel rod or socket for each one. When I got to the larger sizes, I found it better to go for an object that was slightly smaller than the final shape. The longer pieces tend to open back up a little. This video has been edited down. I’ve not shown all the different attempts, adjustments or retires of this build. I also clip out parts where I am studying directions, searching for and clipping parts and sometimes repetitive steps. It may make this kit look like it comes together easier than it did, but there are a lot of bending and adjusting of parts to make things fit. Work slowly, be patient, and take you time. I had trouble setting part 16 in to place. The tabs from the outer ring were in the way. I bent them in a little and solved the problem. ♪ [different dramatic music] ♪ I didn’t realize it at the time, but I put the back plate on the wrong side. This bottom part only fits on one way. It was after attaching this part that I realized I had put the back on the wrong end. With parts 23, 24 and 25 you have to be careful that you put the two sides together as sort of mirrors of each other. The big trick that took me a while to figure out is that with part 23, you need to fold one the opposite way of the other so that you have the curved side facing the lamp. I didn’t catch that at first and ended up putting part 23 backwards on one side. The farthest tab in one of the side pieces is too deep to really twist well. So I bent if over instead. ♪ [rhythmic drumming music] ♪ The get the lamp into the arms of the base I bent the arms on the lamp inward slid it into place and pushed or pulled them back out over the tab. Ladies and gentlemen… the Bat Signal. Or as the packaging says, the classic Bat Signal. Not real sure what they think they mean by that, but.. It’s not a terribly difficult kit. It is moderate and it falls well within the moderate range. The little fins on the bottom, as I suspected, were difficult, tedious but not impossible. Just takes, this kit does take patience to work those little tiny pieces and do all the different rings and just put it together. Wasn’t that hard. It did take a long time just because I was going slow to get it done probly took 2 and a half to 3 hours. But in the end it is a very nice looking kit. It was fairly fun to build. Well worth the time. And will look very nice with the rest of my.. Metal Earth Batman collection. As always, thank you for watching. Any questions, comments, please leave them down below. And keep on keeping on. ♪ [suspenseful music] ♪

3 thoughts on “Metal Earth build – Bat Signal

  1. Great build! I've ordered this one and am waiting for it to come in. I've also built some kits from piececool and the quality of the metal is pretty much exactly the same as Metal Earth but they provide more variety in terms of the kits they make. What do you think about metal earth vs piececool?

  2. Even though those parts are tedious at the bottom, I really think this was one of the easiest kits for me so far. Just finished it up and barely needed any help. That makes two in one night, millenium falcon and the bat signal, I'm proud of myself!

    Thanks for the video (again)

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