Miami Women’s Hockey

The thing about hockey is it’s an expensive
sport and being a club team we are funded a little bit by the school but not enough
compared to other club sports and we bring in a lot of girls who have this love for hockey
and want to play here but our dues are kind of expensive and they are getting more and
more expensive as ice bills are getting more expensive, etc. Because we had some girls come in this year
who were like, “we want to come to Miami, we want to play hockey for you but we can’t
afford it.” So, having them have the opportunity to play
hockey was just amazing, which they wouldn’t have had besides that. We were able to put the $20,000 that we were
given entirely towards girls this season who cannot afford their dues. So, we kind of, we talked with Advancements
and we got a list of girls who needed financial help or already getting financial help in
the school and we were able to kind of tier them on a need-based thing so we are putting
that money in our account this year and we’re able to cover dues for everybody who couldn’t
afford them this year which is really exciting. I would want her to know, or he or she to
know that they gave someone an opportunity that they didn’t have before and it’s just
money but it’s so much more than that to someone who has been given an opportunity that they
normally wouldn’t have so, just, thank you.

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