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Hi guys.. Welcome back to Quick Heal Bhajji Blast.. Today, I have the privilege to announce a very very special award.. This guy has won a lot of awards but this is a very special and unique one.. So this is called.. Mmmm..!! No Sledging Award.. This goes to..The one and only.. Michael Hussey! Yeah! It’s hard to believe that Australians can get this kind of award.. But Huss!!
– Bhajji! Lovely to have you here.. Thank you..
– For No-sledging.. All these years.. Well, I don’t know what to say.. I am thinking, you know.. Am I really an Australian if I can receive such an award like this.. I think it’s broad up to do over the sledging but I can honestly say that I don’t sledge And the reason why is when I was younger I did sledged 2 people.. And I can’t remember their names but the first guy that I sledged.. he scored a 150.. and the second guy I sledged, scored 200.. So, I thought, I am going to retire from sledging straight away but.. To receive this award from you is a great honour.. You were pretty good at the sledging though I must admit.. You can never win this award.. I’ve learnt it from you guys.. Not from you but.. I remember having one little interaction with you.. we were playing a 1-Day game at night pool.. And, you didn’t say anything to me.. The game getting a bit tense I was batting at the non-striker And you bowled this ball and you are walking back to your mark.. And you just gave me a little hit the shoulder as you walk pass me.. And I was just about to get… Agh! Bhajji.. But I thought, he wants to get a reaction.. He is trying to put me off my game.. So, I held. I bit my tongue and didn’t bite back.. But I thought, you are a crazy little man.. Yeah! You guys made me what I am.. I always felt Australians are like this.. You know.. They are very rude.. And when we played with each other for Mumbai Indians.. I got to know him.. You know, he was such a lovely guy and.. It’s always nice to see him.. Pleasure to have you on this show and.. We’ll talk a lot of Cricket, a lot of family.. a lot of.. good things on this show.. Before we go to the next question I have to wear something.. to relate to that question.. What is this all about? I had read somewhere that if you were not a Cricketer, you were going to be a Scientist.. And I have got for you as well.. So.. Is that correct? You were going to be Science Teacher or you.. did your science thing? I wish I could say that my motives were pure.. Teaching in Australia, you get really good school holidays over the summer period, so I thought right.. I’ll do teaching because lots of time off in the summer to play Cricket.. And I can finish school at 3 o’clock and go to Cricket training, so.. that was my motives for going to teaching but yes I did do my Science teaching degree Major in Chemistry and Minor in Mathematics.. But I’ve never actually taught my own classes as such.. Thankfully Cricket turned out okay.. But good that you didn’t become a science teacher.. But you’ve become Mr. Cricket.. Mr. Cricket.. Where that word has come from? And do you like being called Mr. Cricket? I guess you can be called lot worse.. which you probably did over the years.. But.. But no, I don’t like it.. Because I don’t think I deserve it.. I think other people out there deserve it way more than me.. But, it actually started in England.. I was playing County Cricket for Durham.. And we were playing at Old Trafford against Lancashire.. And it was one of those typical cold, wet, miserable days.. No one wanted to be there.. Except for me.. I was loving it.. I was batting and I was charging between the wickets and diving and calling and same right into the match and Freddie Flintoff for Lancashire.. and Brad Hogg was the overseas player there as well.. So Freddie Flintoff turned to Brad Hogg and he just said This guy loves Cricket more than anyone I know.. He must be Mr. Cricket.. And that’s how it started and Brad Hogg brought it back to Australia and.. Unfortunately it’s stuck from there.. But that’s a right name for you.. I remember one of the stories.. He was batting like he is never gonna get out.. You know, every test match he was scoring runs.. Hundreds and hundreds.. Then, we went on to play with you guys in Kuala Lumpur which was one of the triangular series Australia, India and..
– West Indies.. I remember it.. So, I told Rahul Dravid that I want to get this guy out.. No matter how.. I don’t know if you know that or not but.. that was the price you’ve put on your wicket, so.. I was really happy that I got him out there.. And you took about 3 balls too I think.. Imagine, I was talking to Rahul and he was the guy who actually took the catch.. He did.. How many World Cups do you have in your back pocket? Just 1.. 2007 World Cup.. In the West Indies.. I didn’t play much of a role at all.. Batting down the order.. That team was just unbelievable that.. Matthew Hayden was scoring runs.. Ponting, Clark, Symonds.. Gilchrist made a 149 in the final.. So, there wasn’t much work for me to do actually.. I could just sit back and enjoy the Caribbean It was long tournament as well I remember.. So, we had a lot of time.. For us, it was very short.. We only played 2 games.. Yeah! no, I still remeber the final vividly.. So, Adam Gilchrist had been scoring 20s and 30s throughout the tournament but hadn’t gone on to scored a big one.. And there was rain in the morning of the final.. And, so we were.. waiting.. waiting to play.. And the next storm would come through.. And it cleared and another shower would come through Anyway, it literately after about 3 or 4 hours of raining it stopped and the umpire said we’re up, we’re out there.. Australia won the toss and we’re batting.. Where is Gilchrist? We could not find our opening batsman for the world cup final.. Really? We’re searching everywhere.. We went to the nets, we went down in to the, the way they had some food.. We went to.. We’re looking everywhere..
In the dressing room We could not find Adam Gilchrist.. And had to literally start the game in like 5 mins So, finally there is gym, right at the back right at the back of the dressing rooms there around.. Someone stuck their head in it.. There was Adam Gilchrist.. Sound asleep.. 5 mins before the World Cup final started, on the bed.. So, we had to shake him.. “Gilly! Gilly..! Wake up.. Wake Up!” He went out and smashed 149 runs in the final.. Huss, I want to talk to you about emerging players of IPL.. Which one is your favourite? There is a lot of exciting players, I must admit.. I am loving some of the young spinners coming through.. But, I am a batsman obviously, so, I will always keep a key note ahead for the batsman.. I have been really impressed with Sanju Samson.. so far on this IPL.. He hits a clean ball.. But there is another guy, I am a bit biased to the left handers as well And I like to look at this.. Ishan Kishan.. Ishan Kishan.. Yeah He is a good young player and.. Hits the ball really hard.. I know he hasn’t made a lot of runs just yet in the IPL but you can just tell he’s got some class about him.. And.. I hope he is player of the future for India.. Cricket standards you know over the years.. I think have gone down.. You know.. Australian is not the same Australian team New Zealand team is not the same New Zealand team.. or so is the England team.. Whereas Indian team has gone really really up.. The other countries are also picking up, like Canada.. USA and Afghanistan.. It’s a very, very good question.. And it’s difficult to answer. I don’t think you should say yourself sure either.. For saying Indian Cricket team is got better than the one in the past.. The Indian Cricket team that had Sachin, Rahul, Laxman, Ganguli.. Name me.. Harbhajan.. Zaheer Khan..
– Yes.. Thank you.. That was a pretty amazing Indian team Throw MSD in there as well.. The competition was really tough you know.. When we played against South Africa, Australia You know, it was like.. It’s not easy..
– Yeah! We have to play 5 day good Cricket to win a test match.. But now a days.. I don’t see any batter, who actually have the patience to bat 5 days and.. Yeah.. I think T-20 Cricket has a lot to do with that.. And don’t get me wrong, I love T-20 Cricket.. I think it plays an important role in getting to help young kids to fall in love with the game.. Get girls involved in Cricket.. Family and things like that.. It is important.. But.. I do think.. that it has had a bit of an impact on the techniques of the players.. Specially the batsmen.. So.. You’re not learning to bat long innings now and build innings and play defensively and kick the good ball out and it’s about.. hit the ball and score quickly and so.. I do think that the techniques probably have gone down a little bit.. and where India are probably at the top of the game at the moment they’ve still got players playing that still have good techniques.. Even I’ll look in Australia we’ve got a lot that players have got unusual techniques.. Even our best player, in Steven Smith.. You know.. He walks around the crease.. He’s got a funny pick-up, you know.. It’s an unusual technique.. So, that’s going to hold them in a good state, No matter which format of the game they play.. I agree with you, I think it’s important for emerging nations to come up. Afghanistan is doing well. What lovely spinners they have.. I am glad I am not facing them.. That’s for sure.. They’re so good.. But, I also think it’s important that the ICC continues to pay attention to other established nations.. We can’t afford Shri Lanka or South Africa, West Indies to drop down too far.. Yes, it’s important to invest in these new countries.. But we still need these other countries, the fledgling countries to remain strong for world Cricket.. Since you have retired from International Cricket.. and IPL and all sort of Cricket, do you miss playing? No, I don’t miss playing at all.. No..
– Really? I don’t miss.. I was someone that was always very intense, put a lot of pressure on myself.. Stressed.. a lot.. Put that really nervous, sick feeling in my stomach before every game, so.. I’m sort of.. I don’t miss all that stress and that pressure.. What I do miss, is the comradery in the dressing room afterwards.. You know, when you’ve won a test match.. You’ve worked so hard for 5 days.. And you can just sit back in the dressing room and relax and.. enjoy each other’s company, have a few laughs.. Let the true personalities of the players come out.. That’s what I loved the most about playing the game.. And that’s what I miss..

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