Michigan State Hockey vs Northern Michigan | Spartans All-Access | October 11, 2019

(low key electronic music) (group chatting) – Fired up, first trip let’s go. – Here we go. – Yeah, it’s gonna be a fun weekend. Great way to start off the year, baby! – You got a– – You think this will ring? – It’s gonna go on the loud speaker. – This is the veteran
move, though, you know. Grab a travel pillow, lay down, have a nice 45 minute nap. – Oooh, we got Oreos? – I’ll take a banana. – Ooh, what do we got,
guys, some Sun Chips? (low key electronic music) – [Pilot] Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Marquette, local time is 2:27 Thank you for allowing us to assist you with your travel needs. We wish you the best of luck this evening. (low key electronic music) (player’s voices echoing) (sticks sliding over ice) – [Team] One, two, three, go green! – It’s good skating, I think
the boys are ready to go. We’ll be jumping tomorrow, I’m pumped. – Just a good skate in Northern, hungry, about to get some food now. – [Player] I can’t wait to eat. – Steak, baby. – You gotta get that hitter, get that steak in us, you know. (vintage jazz music) – We had, what? Fried asparagus, tempura, some bruschetta. – I tried bruschetta for the first time, never had that before. – We’re trying to figure out what the tuxedo cake is, though, we’re not sure. – We’re more focused on dessert. – [Player] Who let you get that seat? – ‘Cause I’m the Don. I’m the Don. – New York strip, mashed
potatoes, some broccoli, and then we got a carrot, in the shape of a carrot,
shaved as a carrot. Pretty remarkable stuff, actually. – I say dive in. Make sure you give back
your plate and it’s empty. There ya go. – [Player] Cheers. – Cheers. (waves crashing) (low key electronic music) – [Player] Hey, road warriors, then. I put a full 60 together. Go green on three. – [Team] One, two, three, go green! – A real easy game plan. Early, okay? Up, out, in, and four check. All right? Keep doing that over and over. You guys got it? Starters, let’s go live,
Khodo, you guys get back on. (team clapping and cheering) Ros and Deni on the back. (team clapping and cheering) All right, let’s start this right, boys! Go green! – [Announcer] Good evening, everyone, and welcome to the Berry Events Center in Marquette, Michigan. Same two teams had opened
the season last year at Munn Ice Arena, with a split, Michigan’s
fate winning on Friday, Northern coming back on Saturday, so they dropped the puck
and we are under way. The 2019, 2020 season has begun! And the Spartans will go
on the power play first. To Jagger, now cross ice,
shot, goal for Michigan State! Christian Kryger lights the lamp from the top of the right circle, Spartans with a power play tally. – [Co-Announcer] Well, good
puck moving by Michigan State on that power play! And cold Kreyger wasted no
time with the quick cranker! – [Announcer] Spartans scored
their goal on the power play early in the first period, trying to keep that from happening here late in the first period for Northern Michigan. Newhouse over to the left side with a shot, goal for Northern Michigan! (horn sounding) Hank Sorrenson ties it up, each team with a power play tally. – [Co-Announcer] Oh come on! – [Announcer] Centering shot, Goal for Michigan State! Cesana! Who was standing in the
left circle all by himself, took the pass and buried it. – [Co-Announcer] A big
goal for Michigan State at the end on that power play, Scott, to regain the lead. – [Announcer] Brody Stevens attacking, loose shot, goal! Off of the rebound, Brody Stevens took the shot, it bounced back out, and the goal goes in off
the stick of Tommy Apat. And Michigan State will
take a two-goal lead, three to one, into the
second intermission. – That’s that, we won the
first, won the second, let’s finish this. All right? Finish it hard. Come out with the pace, put it in, four check, wear them down. Energy’s ours. All right? Let’s do this. (team clapping) (crowd cheering) – [Announcer] Oh, and off of the rebound on the rush! Northern pulls back right
back where they’d won again! – [Co-Announcer] Kind of
an innocent looking chop from the right side on that rush, Scott, and it just got away from John Lethemon, from Northern with a
big answer of their own! – [Announcer] The pole within won again! Four to three now. – [Co-Announcer] The
Spartans are gonna have to withstand some pressure here for the next few minutes. Now now here comes Northern back in down the slot shot, pad saves, swept away by Miller, Over to Craighead with a one-timer, great block by Butrus Ghafari. Six on five, advantage with a goalie pull. – [Announcer] Brody Stevens
picks up, down to the left safely, pops it into the empty net. Goal for Michigan State! And the horn will sound
and that will do it! The final score, Michigan State, 5, Northern Michigan, 3. (team cheering) (electronic music)

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