Micromax Unite Cricket Anthem 2015

This battle this celebration Running through our veins this is our religion This battle this celebration Running through our veins this is our religion We render ourselves to the nation Keep moving…Keep moving Let’s become the notes to this beautiful melody Keep moving You and I, Let’s become one Keep moving…Keep moving Keep chanting this nation’s name Keep moving Keep your passion alive the time is now play with all your might All our hearts beat to the same rhythm Keep moving…Keep moving Let’s all sing in unity Keep moving Time to paint everyone in one colour Keep moving…Keep moving Let’s unite Keep moving With diverse cultures and traditions we all come together to erase all pain with love in our hearts You are our only love we give ourself to you We have different cultures tradition Our’s is a country so diverse But they all come together and live in our hearts as one We’re here with all the wishes and support Cue the sound of celebration We have to fight emerge victorious. Keep the spirit alive Let’s make it happen win the world keep all fears aside let’s battle it out Let’s show the world Let’s make them hear our screams Let them know that there’s no one who can challenge us This battle this celebration Running through our veins this is our religion Lets tie ourselves together as one strong knot Keep moving…Keep moving Let’s immerse ourselves in the chants of victory Keep moving The pride we possessed in our hearts the last time Keep moving…Keep moving It’s time to bring back the same pride and joy Keep moving.

60 thoughts on “Micromax Unite Cricket Anthem 2015

  1. ZUBEEN GARG  voice was best (Y)   he  shuld get mre songs in bollywood lk ya ali, jane kya chahe maann , krish songs dil tu yeh bata etc 

  2. Fabulous. Keep it up. You showed responsible corporate by this uniting song.we will be inspired to buy your products

  3. 9 Artistes, 9 Languages, 2 Passions, 1 Song chale charo with @Micromax Mobile  the way to got sucess to win worldcup 2015 desh me vedh me ek hi hai josh micromax sabse acha mera dost har samay meri awad ko apno ke jeetye dil se cricket ke man se jai hooo

  4. Amazing song loved the voice of Shaktisree, Kavita Seth and Karthik. You guys are awesome. Best of all other playback singers.
    Big fan 💜💚

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  6. Even Telugu is an ancient Indian language which could be included in this song. Anyway good song. Keep it up micromax team.

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  8. Its all about the love for the great game of Cricket.Die Hrd Cricket Supporters.Long live Cricket,Long live india

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