Midday News: Statistics Show 39% Increase in Murders – January 16 2020

good afternoon and Vashon brown with the
midday news a special welcome if you’re watching on one spot mediacom up first
this afternoon there are concerns about the decision to withhold the Auditor
General’s report on the Caribbean maritime University CMU constitutional
expert dr. Lloyd Barnett believes the Speaker of the House of Representatives
is obliged to table the report on the table of the home but doesn’t mean that
she can’t restrain or the Parliament car industry in its publication being on the
table only means it becomes available to the members of the house but everything
that is published that is presented today or this published by virtue of the
approval of parliament the Constitution states that the speaker shall table
reports from the Auditor General the opposition has been calling for House
Speaker Pernell Charles the table the report what dr. Barnett also says that’s
depending on the contents of the report Parliament can decide not to release it
to the public dr. Barnett notes the widespread
interest in having the report made public but says that interest has to be
balanced with any possible prejudice to the cases no before the court it depends
on the content we have to remember that the contents of a fundamental document
made it such that it interferes with a person’s right to a fair trial and
therefore the footings of a Dignan to our own statistics from the
Jamaica Constabulary force have revealed that murders are up 29 percent so far
this year 14 nine persons were murdered between January 1 and the January 15
compared to 38 during the corresponding period last year there was also one more
case of shooting 38 shootings were recorded up to yesterday compared to 37
during the corresponding period last year meanwhile there is a reduction in
some other categories of crimes no case of larceny has been reported so far this
year compared to last year this time when seven were reported and there were
20 cases of rape ten break-ins and 32 robberies the Montego Bay Chamber of
Commerce is calling for the government to speed up efforts to use Jamaica as
part of the Contras crime fighting tool president of the Montego Bay Chamber of
Commerce Janet Silveira says while she supports the states of emergency the
government should look at technology as a crime-fighting tool as well we will
continue to say that we need options we also need to put in all the things that
we have promised over the years which is the Jamaica I we need that to happen we
need those cameras to be fixed we need to put in place a number of measures we
need to equip and I see where the government has made a number of
announcements and I believe that they are going to improve in that area
psychologist dr. Veronica Salter is calling for revival of a program aimed
at reforming perpetrators of intimate partner violence amid recent deaths
resulting from domestic violence speaking on TV Jay’s all angles last
evening doctor Salta said the program focused on helping perpetrators confront
the reasons for their violent behavior she noted that it had been experiencing
some success but was discontinued it we need that program up again what stops it
funds and the the wherewithal of a lot of people would prefer to send these men
to prison in the trouble with the program is it’s not getting anyone
except people that were going into the court system but it can it works
extremely well because most of these men are under socialized they don’t know
where their violence is coming from they also have the religious religious
ideology that’s man’s places he’s head of the house old and nobody’s to
interfere with what he does uh Thunder morning Jamaica Defence Force corporal
Doron McKenzie fatally chopped and shot his girlfriend is 2/1 either before
killing himself in Port Morris and Catherina later that same day 27 year
old anivia Sinclair was stabbed to death allegedly by her ex-boyfriend in st.
Elizabeth a new national public key infrastructure project has been launched
by the government under the national identification system needs
program Minister of Sands energy and technology favor Williams says the
project is geared towards reducing identity theft in Jamaica here Stevie
J’s Prince more in recent years identity theft fraud and the use of fake
identification documents have become a growing problem in Jamaica however in
the next seven months the government will be rolling out a project that is
expected to curb the illicit practice the national public key infrastructure
and PKI project which falls under the national identification system needs
program will be rolled out in association with passport Immigration
and Citizenship agency and each of jamika limited technology Minister favor
Williams says when the NPK is implemented it will provide security for
the needs cards to provide an avenue to enhance security and privacy of personal
information when dealing with transactions this is another step which
we are putting in place to ensure the security of the identity of our citizens
NPK I will also enable trusted electronic identities for people
services and things and make it possible to implement strong authentication data
encryption and digital signatures in a PKI environment citizens can log on
securely and validate their transactions online citizens can prove who they are
in the online environment and citizens can digitally sign documents in a few
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stories right after these messages welcome back continuing the news now
while cases of dengue continue to decline island wide it’s the opposite
for the parish of st. Mary medical office of Health for the parish doctor
Tamara Henry gave an update at the recent meeting of the centenary
Municipal Corporation TV Jays or Shane masters reports the ad is a gypsy
mosquito the major carrier for dengue and other related illnesses such as Zika
virus under the tick V caused serious panic last year data released by the
Ministry of Health yesterday showed dengue related deaths increased almost
four times last year compared with 2018 six to four people died in 2090 in a
while for 2018 the total deaths were 17 but since the start of the year the
government has noted a decline in the number of dengue related cases dr. Henry
explained to therapy increases not in addition to confirmed or suspected cases
of the dengue virus meanwhile May of Port Maria Richard
query says a work will continue to clean drains in the parish that could be
breeding science for mosquitoes ashamed masters TV genius the San Tomas fire
brigade is calling for more to be done to improve fire hydrants across the
parish the appeal was made at the recent meeting of the sentimos Municipal
Corporation deputy superintendent for the Sen Thomas fire department
Horace Thomas said the improvement will allow for firefighters to respond at the
cases of fire more efficiently however he says the lack of working fire
hydrants across the parish is not the only challenge the brigade encounters
mr. Thomas also stressed the issue of poor road conditions which affected the
time with which the fabric aid responds to residents in remote communities those
roads need special special attention because those who roads will impact all
response time and especially the fires that because my reports are that road
without impacting us negatively in terms of having to direct the teachers of Old
Harbor High School in San Catherine are taking a more positive approach in
dealing with students who attend the school late on Wednesday they launched
the timekeepers punctuality intervention program created to encourage students to
be on time instead of being punished for late attendance we are going to put
their pictures on the achievement wall which is titled punctuality ambassadors
so once the student has a teen 80% or more per week in terms of achievement
rate their picture will be placed on the achievement wall also another motivating
factor component is a tablet so they are working towards achieving a tablet at
the end of the 12 weeks which is a duration of the program
miss Aden explains that rewards are part of society and the initiative teaches
life skills a parent who is in support of the program says she hopes it will
encourage her son to be more prepared for school in the mornings with the
timekeepers there are some pointers that he may prepare himself do his homework
overnight preparing school is uniform and everything that’s when inga topping
can move out on time as for students who will have punctuality issues upon
completion of the program miss Allen says they will receive
counseling and training in at time management we go now to news from the
region the inter-american Development Bank IDB has partnered with the Japan’s
government pension investment fund in its social bonds focusing on education
youth employment in Latin America and the Caribbean the partnership is geared
towards promoting and developing socially responsible capital markets
through investments the IDB says the funds raised will finance projects that
promote effective teaching learning for children and youth giving
them skills needed to enter the labor market the IDB issued its inaugural
social education youth employment bond in September 2014
since then it has issued a total of us 2.2 billion dollars in various
currencies tam office forts Dwane Bravo’s returned to the West Indies team
was spoilt as the Caribbean side lost by four runs to Ireland in the first game
of their three match t20 Series in Grenada
yesterday it was set up to be a fairytale return for Trinidadian Dwayne
Bravo while the Irishman had other ideas the
36 year old Bravo entered the fray with the wind is leading 15 runs from 10
deliveries to win with a script seemingly written for him to be the hero
he smashed this six of the third delivery to take the equation to five
from three for the windows shake but he picked up the feeder of the penultimate
delivery and it was all but over for the Caribbean men taken
the lady the fielder earlier open up all sterling struck six fours and eight
sixes in a top score of 95 to lead Ireland to 208 for seven after electing
to bat Sterling’s knock came off just 47 deliveries as he punished any bowler he
faced Kevin O’Brien also chipped in with 48 to help Ireland post the big total
Jamaican Sheldon Cottrell carry Pierre and Bravo each took two wickets for the
Caribbean side it started fairly well for the winners in their chase he’s
dispatch of that one Evan Lewis before Lendl Simmons fell at 37 for one Evan Lewis and a shimmer and hit mara
then took this court in 93 with so lofty hit Lewis fell for 53 in the air for a
long time very good running catch and head Meyer for 28 in quick succession
the wind is still on course for victory captain Karen Pollard got a start and
ended up making 31 before he fell Nicholas piranha also got a start and
stroke 26 before he lost his wicket total egg and take her and sure Fane was
a Fed fell for 26 at a crucial stage for the witness of the first ball of the
final over and left all the pressure on the returning Bravo the task proved a
little too much for Bravo as a Caribbean men ended up falling for
one short of their target bravas power through the offside
was their chance of around with a back edge is that a dismissal they’re
celebrating and that’s the end of it a dot delivery Tasha little was a pic of
the Irish bowlers with three for twenty nine while Craig Young took to 431 the
2nd t20 will be played in st. Kitts on Saturday as a day-night affair
Jordan Ford’s TVJ sports and that’s the midday news on Vashon bran join us at
7:00 for prime time news package on behalf of the news sports and production
team have a water

9 thoughts on “Midday News: Statistics Show 39% Increase in Murders – January 16 2020

  1. Full length MIRRORS should be installed in all schools so the children can be conscious of THEIR appearance from a EARLY AGE…..

  2. The safety and security of the jamaican people, and the lethargic approach to stem the scourge of civil disobedience, lawlessness, crime, violence, and mayhem, and the attendant death and distruction,
    WILL weigh heavily on the results of the next election.
    The people have already seen the very faces of their pain, suffering and loss.
    I trust that they will remember, when they go to the polling stations, those who placed political capital, over their safety, security, and prosperity.
    I again call for a NATIONAL SECURITY IDENTIFICATION CARD SYSTEM, which must include the collection of photographs, fingerprints, and DNA, of all male citizens and legal residents of this country, who are between the ages of 18 and 58.
    We have begun another year of carnage.
    Andrew Holness, implement phase two, fully. No more delays.

  3. The people will remember those that placed political capital over their safety and security, in the next election.
    Honorable Prime Minister, you must implement A NATIONAL SECURITY CARD SYSTEM, which must include the collection of photographs, fingerprints,and DNA, of all jamaican male citizens and legal residents, between the ages of 18 and 56.

  4. This is not adding up , we have increased of security personnel’s but yet a increase in murder, where is the big crime strategy as promised?

  5. First of all this white woman is only talking crap also psychology is a fake science too much research out there on that people who thinks they know more than everyone else the problem in Jamaica Society is a moral breakdown that is on the side of the people being killed and the people doing The Killing but no one wants to really talk about that some of these women are just absolutely outrageous in their new culture and new Behavior fueled by so call social media and masked media in general also these man doing these killings are weak man but women also be a like that so I can't really just say man but mostly man it is a complete breakdown of moral values that is fueling this type Behavior on the side of the man and on the behavior of the females now in our society but no one really wants to talk about this they want to dance around the real issues so this woman is only talking crap I wish someone would show this to her I'm tired of all these people who sits up on these television programs talking this nonsense all the time pretending that they're smarter than everyone else there a psychologist that's a fake science even a man with no formal academic education could be a psychologist if he's observant enough in minut details of behavior patterns that's all I have to say

  6. The security minister should stood down because he is not doing his job that the people of jamaica expect him to do in fighting crimes

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