MIKE TROUT AND THE SCRUBS EP.1 – RBI Baseball Franchise Mode

what’s up guys welcome back to another video today we are starting a new series here called mike trout and scrubs alright so we’re in the gameplay here now I’m ready for the first pitch of the game with Alberto he’s batting 185 here now I forgot to explain how the rest of the series works so basically if I win a game I get to upgrade a position you guys can pick the position if you want but if you guys don’t really care I will pick the position myself because why not and anyway yeah that’s basically how it works and if we lose well then we have to cut a player of your guys’s choice the only player we cannot call it is mike trout so is it making sense now dang it I was way behind that one alright this guy throws fast get ready I haven’t touched RBI baseball in a minute so bear with me – well there’s outs to start the game so thats nice now we have Mike Trout who is batting 500 this is the first game of the season I don’t know why they’re showing the batting averages cuz there’s no batting averages but I don’t know I guess this game finds it funny to put the batting averages that don’t exist in the game and we get a base hit up the middle with Mike Trout so let’s get it already a minute in here but good start good start here’s Nunez that’s gonna get through for a base hit actually now hold up at one good god the base running in this game alright we’re both safe but like the base running in this game is stupid sometimes like absolutely stupid there’s no way to control it is that gone did he rob that oh let’s go home run first inning of the game Anthony Santander I don’t care I’m taking it 3-nothing Orioles let’s go what a way to start a game here’s Cisco [Music] that’s gonna get not yes it is gonna get down so we did get a Texas leaguer out of that and in a really weird fashion I thought that was gonna be a pop out I don’t even know if they’d give him a hit on that or not Ruiz he’s batting 83 well that’s nice and out all right well we scored three runs though so damage was definitely done Bundy now on the mound for the Orioles and the first pitch is gonna be a line drive and off the wall but Macini will hold him the first cuz I guess he has a good arm I don’t know is Voit oh I’m not really sure the first name is my guess is Luke cuz I don’t know to many l name’s get him out a second let’s go double play two outs in the inning here now but we have the dangerous Aaron Judge up and he takes the first pitch at 85 miles per hour for a strike now we’re gonna give them breaking stuff he swings at that for strike number two and let’s see if he can strike him out and no we don’t but it should be a pretty easy play over there and that’s gonna be three outs all right I’ll see you guys in the top of the second like thing where you want your leadoff hitter to bat with runners on two because your leadoff hitter is a pretty consistent hitter it’s basically a second leadoff spot and our leadoff he does nothing this time pops out in the inning nothing really doing there but we scored three runs in the first inning anyway I’ll see you guys in the bottom of the second all right so it’s the bottom the second here now Gary Sanchez is now batting and that’s a line drive to Macini it did not look like he caught that but he did yeah and I not even sure how to pronounce your name good I know you’re good though that was a nice catch out there by Mike Trout sliding catch here’s Giancarlo Stanton Oh Giancarlo Stanton is I yeah I used to think this is kind of just a funny story about Giancarlo Stanton well and I’ll tell you guys in the top of the third alright so basically you know how Giancarlo Stanton used to go by Mike Stanton um so I used to think that Giancarlo Stanton and Mike Stanton were brothers cuz they looked alike but little did I know that Giancarlo Stanton just started going by Giancarlo instead of Mike that’s it but I just thought it was kind of a funny little story here’s Mike Trout with one out in the inning and that’s gonna be a grounder out of play here’s the o1 to my trout coming in and another foul ball so not doing too much here Mike Trout batting 600 on the season and yeah and we strike out with Mike Trout so that’s nice here’s Nunez Oh Nunez is one for one with the run and that’s gonna get through for another base hit so Nunez is 2 for 2 with 2 singles so far so solid game here for Nunez here’s Santander he’s one for one with a home run and three RBIs already on the season let’s see what the first pitch is to Santander and he gave that one a pretty good ride – just out of play that stinks gave it a pretty good ride and he takes another one out there that one’s not gonna be a home run but you know I don’t really have anything to say about that anyway I’ll see you guys in the bottom of the third Mike Trout has a really good arm here’s Gardiner and we’re gonna get the double play here yeah and throw it home to make sure there’s no run scored well we just got our pitcher out of there in like no time whatsoever and he’s gonna give up around anyway but hey it’s still 3-1 so we’re fine they were gonna score at some point here’s the voit he’s gonna get a single our pitchers getting in a bit of trouble here not his best outing almost all of his innings have been shaky to this point I think he’s made one three up three down inning and Aaron judge lines up to the first baseman so yeah I’ll see you guys in the top the fourth I’d say I give props to anybody who can like hang in there with the pitcher and AH! he almost took a hit away from Ruiz but Ruiz beats out the throw that was a really nice play by the second baseman though I gotta give him props for that I I thought I was just gonna get robbed of a base hit here’s Chris Davis checks his swing for ball one here’s the one one and that’s gonna get up the middle for a base hit so two runners on with one out and who is up Oh Jonathan Villar we’re gonna actually show bunt with Villar because he is pretty fast and we’re gonna lay down a bunt that’s a pretty good one they get the out they got the lead runner out oh well I mean we are probably not gonna score anyway here’s here’s there’s a stupid Xbox thing covering his name Alberto on the mound that’s a strike dang it I should not have so swung that that was a disgusting hack he’s due for a hit and he gets one up the middle we’re gonna load up the bases here we’re gonna load up the bases cuz uh Macini is up never mind I got Mike Trout was up after this that was the stupidest is it maybe I maybe I was right to the grand slam let’s go Grand Slam Grand Slam seven to one against the Yankees and we have like all right I needed I need a second Torrez chases that earning them a little bit of slider now it gives that one a good good hit but straight two thirds so innings over see you guys in the top of the fifth runners on and take that first pitch for a ball and see what the second pitch is that’s a ground balls that were hit a little harder that might have been a base hit but it wasn’t so yeah wasn’t hit hard enough but I’ll see you guys in the top of the 5th about I’m gonna learn the prounouncaitions of the player names at some point for the series so you guys don’t annoy me annoying me in the comment section it’s pronounced this but yeah if you guys do that I swear I’m gonna be annoyed you guys are gonna annoy the absolute so yeah we’re gonna hold the runner a third here machine he’s gonna make a good throw Thank You machine e you did a testify I said except you yeah you know what good enough they didn’t run anyway here’s Gary Sanchez with runners on first and second with two out and a strike fuck he caught it what did he not catch that I mean I was kind of not paying attention but I could have sworn he caught that well anyway my truck edges it three outs I’ll see you guys in 2006 spinnin yard he’s over – he did score a wrong though because we bunted with him we were crowding the plate itself that was stupid call we’re gonna try and like out of lunch with him again that’s uh not a good spot for a month you don’t want to hit it right in front of the catcher you want to hit it like down the third or first base line that’s a good one or like between the third baseman and shortstop really shallow in the grass but anyway I’ll see you guys in the next day he’s 1 for 2 and scored the only run for the Yankees and yeah let’s hope we he doesn’t fans but I guess we do here’s moschini with the catch dive sliding catch you know like we’re we’re making some good plays ok alright so we got the top three coming up here next inning and let’s see what they can get yes and why’d I swing that I think that might have hit Nunez or would have been gold for a ball anyway and I swung at another bad pitch well I look like a moron this at-bat here give me some oh my good god I’m cutting that out yeah alright so we’re in we’re in the top bottom of the seventh here now probably gonna be our last inning for Bundy Bundy gets in trouble – sitting – he’s fella gonna be out this inning we’re gonna throw that in a second it stinks santander dropped that that would have been a nice catch good pop up on my computer so those are always nice and we turned the DoublePlay to get our picture out of the inning this is gonna be his last inning here is DJ LeMahieu he is gonna hit a grounder Bundy takes another shot but gets the out so seven innings one run for our starting pitcher now we’ll see you guys in the top of the eighth all right so we’re in the bottom of the eighth here now four curious why I was just screaming is cuz my brother is talking at the literal top of his lungs so that is nice I’m not sure if you guys can hear him or not I’m gonna do my best to edit out the audio but you guys might just have to listen to him a little and my trout goes all the way back to the wall to make a nice catch there so already two outs kneeing here here’s Gary Sanchez and let’s see if he can make the third out that’s a ground ball he was really late on that one but yeah here’s here’s the o1 to Sanchez that is a ground ball Ruiz with the diving stop any guns out Sanchez Nets three outs see you guys in the top of the ninth okay guys so I just realized that I forgot to put in a new pitcher in the top of the eighth so our picture is now had eight eight innings as a starting pitcher and my brother is talking at the top of his lungs again so enjoy screaming at the top of my lungs for the rest of this video and attempt to make sure you guys don’t hear anyway that’s a pop-up so there’s otwo can we get some hashtags shut up shut out the clutch cubies brother in the chat please like that will be most appreciated here’s jonathan villar there with one out in the inning so yeah our starting pitcher actually got eight innings of work so yeah that’s nice I don’t know what to say about that here’s Alberto you know I’m gonna go for I’m gonna go for a complete game complete game here with our pitcher did he owe you almost like dota base it there Oh almost like dota basic just one tiny bit see you guys in the bottom the ninth so here’s NC yeah I just know this guy’s good we’re going for the complete game here with Bundy I had forgot to take him out in that inning and he had another good inning so we’re just gonna keep rocking with him until he shows that he’s getting tired what she hasn’t yet I mean he hasn’t had too many like rough innings his first few innings were shaky but he’s been lights out since and that one’s gonna come over the plate at 83 so he clearly is a little tired but he only has to get two more batters out okay another base hit another base hit and we’re calling it why did he throw it home that was dumb here’s here’s didi Gregorius hopefully we can get the double play ball here alright well that’s the end of the night for Bundy we don’t want him give up any more runs no more runs for a good friend Bundy because we want him to have a good earned run average so yeah I’ll see you guys after I put in the new pitcher all right so Paul Frye is now pitching for us so Paul Frey can set him down really Paul Frey come on come on Paul French fry like we had to give up another low at least now we have the DoublePlay ball set up so I guess that is kind of good and we’re gonna get Gardner to chased bouncing pitch he chases another breaking pitch let’s give him something outside now this guy’s chief oh I’m getting super frustrated if they rally on us and win this game they’ll be like the saddest sequence over there did they pinch it Hicks all right we’re gonna get in out there just hold the runner at third so we don’t give up another stupid run but still nine innings three runs or eight innings three runs is really not that bad we get to file out so your Baltimore Orioles win 7 to 3 in opening day Bundy is the winning pitcher be sure to comment down below who you would like me what position and who you would like me to upgrade it with so like what position you want me to upgrade and who what player you want there and I will pick one of your comments you guys will know because I will pin whichever comment I choose and anyway yeah thank you guys for watching the video and I’ll see you in the next one peace [Music]

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