Mindset key to Auckland Tuatara success

To Baseball, Auckland Tuatara
have made the semi-finals of the Australian Baseball League after claiming the
Northeast Division title with a 4-3 win over Brisbane
at North Harbour Stadium last night. The team including catcher
Te Wera Bishop are set to travel to Melbourne for their best
of three-games semi-final. This is the play that secures
the game and the win where the Auckland Tuatara
move to the semi-finals of the Australian Baseball League. Te Wera Bishop from Te Whanau-a-Apanui
and Ngati Maniapoto is no newcomer to this sport. Although Bishop was signed
and played for the Boston Red Sox while he was a teenager, he attributes his success
to the Tuatara leadership this year. Despite the side’s ups and downs
this season, this is the first time
they’ve made the playoffs. Game one of the semi-final
will be this Thursday against the Aces in Melbourne. Roihana Nuri, Te Karere.

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