Thats not you is it.. No Oh my goodness it was Hey guys, Thea here and Crainer And, today we are back in something that we haven’t done for a while, Thea And you guys actually really like episode 1 so I don’t know why we didn’t do this before, But we are back in a custom Hide-And-seek mode and today is all about Disney. I am so excited. I love Disney! I love Disney too man. So how this works for those of you that don’t know is we used to morph mod. These are the people that we can hide as we got woody. We got Elsa. We got Goofy, We got Minnie Mouse, we got Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto, Buzz Lightyear and Olaf those are the ones we can choose from we only get the three morphs per So eh Thea, I want you to choose your three if you want to go ahead, and do that. Oh and by the way, Thea Hey, Crainer. Do you want to do with the sell out? Oh Gosh. Do you think you can do the sell out? No! Why can’t you do the sell out? It’s so easy. I don’t know! If they are still enjoying these videos, what should they do here? They should like the video. That’s right a if they were at all new to the channel. What should they do? Subscribe, And hit that little bell, To turn on notifications and become a part of the Savage Sandwich squad. That’s enough sellout, and do you want to choose your 3 your 3 pokemon? I was about to say Yes, if you go ahead just here. There’s actually a sword so take that out also take out your firework I’m going to explain why the firework is there for those of you that didn’t watch the episode one in just a second and but When you choose one of these you basically have to kill them so it heh. I remember yeah you ready It’s kind of violent, but yeah, I’m ready I’m ready who do you choose Pluto oh, you want to have Pluto Okay, kill it then. I guess That feels so messed up, you just ate pluto, basically. Yeah, okay are two left. You can choose Okay, let’s see who will I choose? Well, you gotta pick this time You gonna go with Goofy, Goofy, Hello Wow, is that how he laughs I think it is You probably you so dumb while doing that Yeah Ok yeah choose one more Thea Donald Duck, Donald Duck Okay, so your choices. Are you sure you got to go with that? Yeah I already did kill him Amazing okay, so I can choose three as well Hmm, I Know what you’re gonig to choose, no you don’t you have no idea. I haven’t told to you Well, I know who do you think I’ve got to choose? Woody I was going to go with Elsa Not yeah, but all of them you know Then I’m gonna go with Buzz Lightyear because he was my favorite as a child and then I’m Gonna go with Woody, I knew that those are the ones that I picked so how this works guys is this of course going to be a hider And a seeker now the seeker can ask the hider to fire a firework, right? So if he askes the hider to do that to fire one and then bam That kind of helps the seeker right the seeker only has five minutes To find the hider if you find the hider before five minutes that’s great that probably means that you’re doing a good job But if you don’t the hider wins, and that’s how it works, so are you ready for this Thea? I have a hot dog What I have a hot dog oh in your hand I just ate it I’m ready That is the most random thing. I’ve ever I have a hot dog That was your response – are you ready Thea, I have a hot dog it yeah It’s probably got to be a new meme. Oh. Yeah speaking of meme It’s up on the screen right now if you want to get your meme/fan art out on the screen tag us on instagram with it and without any further ado Thea And we should probably do rock paper scissors to see whos the hider and seeker? Oh, yeah, the winner of this round will be the hider, okay? Okay, so one cheat this time Okay, okay. Are you best out of three or Just last one just one go Rock paper scissors.. Hey wait wait wait wait wait? Yeah? I wasn’t ready. Okay, okay. Are you ready now? I think so rock paper Scissor, shoot, what did you get? What did you get? No? You’re gonna say it first because you cheated last time Okay, I got a scissors I Actually got paper Ha Dang it. You didn’t even cheat. This time. Are you kidding me? Oh, my goodness. Well you get to be the hider first Thea, so em Transform into who you want to hide as I’m not allowed to see that and they go find a hiding spot I’m gonna stand in this corner right here. Okay, okay? All right here while you’re hiding Let me just also really quickly tells the savage sandwhich is the t-shirts right here are available for seven more days We wanted to make it a one-week more for you guys So you actually had time to get some so go get it if you want them before they are gone forever and also The iPhone 7 + winner is going to be found today so make sure you subscribe today hit the Notification bell press like on this video and comment on down below when you’ve done those things because we’re gonna pull the winner today So hopefully it’s gotta be well it is gonna be one of you guys. I mean But yeah, hopefully it’s gotta be you watching right now you yeah? I hope so we all hope so every person you got a do on the future if you want more anyway Have you where have you hidden yourself? – yeah? Yes, I have oh you have already Yes, okay. I’ve got to chat about then three – yeah, I gotta get my watch out I gotta get my watch out so I can actually you know in time in – hold on okay, okay, okay? Okay? Okay, okay? Are you ready? Yes, I’m ready okay, okay, three two one why has bitch started Hello, hello How are you? How are you? – you? Know what how am I doing over there? You know anyway? Where you at? Where you at know what no no? No, we’re us The funny thing is I think that I’ve heard That’s not you is it My goodness it once Could you hear I didn’t know you can hear that right you transform, but I didn’t think that you were going to be standing, right? Is that don’t be 25? Seconds I can’t believe you heard that that’s not fair it took me 25 Seconds old like you’re this well see it. You’re trying to be there the secret this time I guess You have to find me in less than 25 seconds if you want with this first Alright don’t stand in the corner you saw loser, and I’m gonna go and be and figure out who I’ve gotta be fine Tian Tian What you smell? Yes Male Hey, I’m kate – I want to be now I’m actually ready already Okay, you’re ready already if you’re a are you ready three Yes – new one, huh go time has been started you gotta fight me now Why do you like it? Can you beat my fireside work? Hello You found me quicker Dad That’s what y’all get that took you no time at all – yeah Haha, oh my goodness. Well, I guess I’m the freaking seeker now then what the crap? Why are we so good at this because we can fire a firework so first round actually goes to you – yeah? Yeah, thank you okay. Okay, okay? Get your fall ready. Do you know you want to be already um? No, guess again Okay, okay, you choose who you want to be and I’ve got to see if I can do it I don’t think I could do it faster than 20 seconds this time. I feel like we got really lucky Yeah, oh, I’m not heat depending on how you look at it. Okay? I got my watch ready, and I’m ready to are You ready yeah, not yet, okay? I’m Gonna give you a little bit bubble Please don’t hide – well – I’ve seen how good you are hiding in that murder this series. We got going on Yeah, yeah, let me back to it added. Please okay. I’m ready okay, okay, okay three two One time this bitch started okay, okay? – yeah Yeah, why are you this time? I’m not Gonna tell you you should tell me Nah, I shudder. Oh yeah, you sure okay fire fire work Where did that come from? fire fire work Can you already do that I can do it as much as I want to for I vote Where the crab is that coming from huh? Are you in a building? Okay, nobody in there fire firework seven seconds, I knew it I’ve listened to and Wow, oh my goodness if the dirt breaking went to hide with it with the secret cell to fire firework and you can see Them look at you Okay, don’t pick up your items where you head over there, okay? They’re laying here the ground I don’t want to take a bob – yeah, I did that dolls in 57 seconds you have to do yours better than that Yeah, oh my goodness. That was so much fun. – yeah else great Okay, let me know when you’re ready. I’m gonna find Who I wanna be this time okay? I think I know yeah, I know I want to be You know you want to be are you just ready? Yes, I’m ready cam good. I’ve got to fight a good hiding spot. I’ve got it like really try my best now No, I found it all like I want to make this a five-minute round to you What about me what? About you what are you talking about? I’m trying to win this Fine, then I can hide as good as I want then of course you can I’m not saying you can’t Okay, okay. I think I think I’m ready are you ready? Yeah three two one time elapses started? Where are you? Yeah, okay? Okay? Can you and firefigher work yep done What? Remember you only got four more times you can ask me to fire fireworks. You got it do it clever – yeah, okay? Sorry, I work okay, I Don’t see it. You don’t see it. No quit mmm fire Firework oh Can you fire a firework again? Oh? What is it? oh Oh my God, this is the best thing ever – yeah, okay. Are you stuck? Here you’ve already been searching for me for almost two minutes But you had but but you just laughs when I wanted you to fire a firework you didn’t fire fire You want me to fire fly away? That was a long time ago. I’m sorry I didn’t All right, so you did that in 1 minute and 38 seconds so that means we are actually time now? Because I got one point you got one point So this round is going to be the finale are you ready for this see ya? anatomy You tried by the Colitis, but don’t make fun of the way. I say finale Vanetti not so nice I don’t know how to say it, okay, wait. I got your stuff. Oh Yeah, I gotta get myself. Oh yeah. Thank you. Thank you. I can’t believe you forgot Yeah, here give it to me give it to me I mean You seriously just threw one part you can throw everything at once – yeah But that’s not fun. That’s not any fun Yeah, everything is Okay, yeah, I mean, that’s what it’s yeah. Yeah, that works, please just oh it all at once Just throw it all All right good to see I’m puking them on me. Just go it. All. I want something. Can you good bro? Okay, you find out well. There’s only one more thing you could be and So just find a hiding spot. Let me know your when you’re ready so I can come look for you And this will be the final round. We’re gonna see who wins this one Okay, ready. I’m ready. Are you ready? I’m ready three two One time has been starting Huh? What is that when did that come from see ya? fire firework What are you doing over there? 26 seconds there we go. You heard me turn right here why don’t you just turn later on it’s not my dick up your item see it ah Kissy I’m so mad at myself. I what Thank you. I mean, I did that in sweaty, so you have to be 26 seconds – yeah I did it on purpose or you could win uh-huh yeah, go hide in your cartr Okay, yeah, you really want to cheat. Don’t you know mm. Okay? I have to I Have to turn as well. Okay. Are you ready? I’m ready three two one don’t cow Okay, wait, who can you be now nobody? Okay, okay. Oh, you can be mickey mouse okay, okay a fire fireworks I Just have to check out the time. I just have to drag out the time Didn’t you die no? I’m still alive are you kidding? Why would I be dead I? Tell you know you didn’t nothing, but it doesn’t matter cuz I Forsaken there we go. Oh it was great. They’re all white. You’re this is a lot of fun Hey See ya, I’m gonna. I’m gonna close Please don’t explode so annoying. I almost got you. I mean. I hope you had fun, too No I actually really like this this egg game that we got going on So if you guys want to see us play this again let us know and if there’s any like theme Like disney or pixar something that you want to see us do let us know down in the comments I think this is a lot of fun and hopefully for you to yeah, you can win next round But this round went to the crane brain The Crane Brain I just called myself that for the first time it it felt great Okay, I’m doing like a weird dance right now. I think this is my new winner dance Are you doing your winner, dance a little bit? Oh? You forgot to say that sound you usually make I don’t make any sound You made this sound But anyway savage say with squad that could have to be for this video We hope you did enjoy If you did make sure to let us know and if there’s any other theme like this new your picks are something you want us To do let us know down in the comments. I was a lot of fun, and they’re also really quickly I want to say thank you guys so much for the support, but we are almost at 500,000 subscribers could you believe that – yeah I? Can’t believe it, but I believe it But I still believe it movie but seriously though seven savory squad We love you guys so much and the support and the likes their comments. It’s just so awesome. So thank you so much We love you all and we’ll talk to you guys later bye hey savage sandwiches Thank you for watching to the end of the video like always you guys are freaking awesome We just wanted to let you know that there’s some new merchandise out and it’s only Gonna be available for a week, oh a week hurry up, it’s on the screen right now Make sure you get it before the week is up because it’s not Gonna be available anymore it’s the coolest one yet. You will never be able to get one if you don’t get one now okay called out It’s not a dramatic but we find it cool, right? It’s a cool shirt. I am loving this new shape I love it, too So if you guys want to get it go ahead and get it if you don’t want to get it don’t get it I guess that makes it. We love you either way. Thank you for the support, and we’ll talk to you guys

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