Minstrel Show Blackface Stump Speech

(audience applauds) – We will now have the financial report from the mayor himself, Slim Williams! (big band) (applause) – My friends, it is indeed
a financial pleasure to have so many of ya’ resemble here today on this suspicious occasion. Now we have resembled here to elect a new mayor. But before I proceed any further, I must tell ya’ that the treasurer of our club is missin’. Yes, he’s gone. He is 5 feet, 11 1/2 inches tall and he is 69 dollars and 80 cents short. But before we go any further, we gonna pass out the hat in a few moments to take up that amount. And I do not want any coupons or cough drops put in the hat. Now then my friends, another thing, on account
of the coal company building a high board fence between the mayors
office and the coal yard, it is now necessary that we buy some coal. (audience laughs) Now then I’m not gonna take up much of your time here today. It’s only about, well, it’s only about, (knocking watch on podium) 3 feet and 6 inches past 9 now. But as I say, we are here
to elect a new mayor. And if I am elected your mayor, the first law what I’m gonna pass is that all black cats must
stay out of the alley. Now then, I have been your public servant here for some time. And all that you folks have given me for my services, so far, has been nothing but pig feets. Now then, I like those pig feets, I enjoy ’em and I wants to thank all of ya from the bottom of my heart for those many, many fine pig footses. However, here’s one thing I
want to impress upon your minds and that is this. If you want me to continue
on here as your mayor, I simply got to eat higher up on that hog! (audience laughs) And of course my friends, you know, that politics is a serious thing to be enfiggled in, but after all, politics concern only the two parties. The republicans and the democrats. But the question arises
as to what is a democrat? My friends, a democrat is a man that don’t give a darn what happens just as long as it
happens to a republican. and vicesa versa Now then, where did politics started? They started way back yonder in the times when George washing machine, crossed the Delaware. And when he got to the other side of the ‘Elaware, who did
he see standing over there? Napoleon with his bones apart. And what did they do? They sit right there on
the banks of the Delaware and they signed the
Decla-pendance of indigestion. Now then, my friends, we are here to get the votes and I wants the ladies votes. Bless the dear ladies. For what could be any sweeter than the to have a darling little wife that every morning when you get up to go to your labor, to show you to that front door, put her little arms around your neck and gently and sweetly, kiss you goodbye at the front door. And just as soon as you’re
outta sight, brothers, what will she do? Run right around to the back door and kiss some other man good morning. – Amen, brother! – Believe in me son, I been at both doors. (audience laughs) I now then, want to get your votes, my friends. And I rest my case and leave the matter in
the hands of Brother Bones!

54 thoughts on “Minstrel Show Blackface Stump Speech

  1. I came back to good 'ol fashioned blackface comedians for the racism. But racism aside doesn't this guy's face look very similar to Trump?

  2. They're actually making fun of themselves when they performed minstrel shows…because blacks learned to talk like that from poor southern whites so in actuality they're making fun of themselves.

  3. Не пойму: что обидного может быть в том, что бы негра (чернокожего человека) называть НЕГРОМ??? Это все равно, что индейца называть индейцем, или украинца – украинцем. Тупость какая-то: придумывать глупые названия очевидному.

  4. Large houses made in the late 1800's to the mid 1900's had multiple doors. My great grandma's house had 4 or 5 doors. The purpose supposedly was to have better access outside, but it was stereotypically used for sex, premarital, marital, adultery, or otherwise. Hence the multitude of backdoor jokes in adultery jokes.

  5. All the people that posted a comment that says something like, "George Washing machine. LOL" or "I thought it was funny." are mouth breathing morons. This is not the same as Madea or any other show put out today. It was whites stealing songs from blacks, made fun of their culture, they perpetuated ignorant insulting stereotypes at a time when most whites had zero interaction with blacks, so they believed that these were true portrayals. They wanted to steal, make fun of, and exploit black culture, without actually having to interact with black people…or even worse, give money to black performers. If you really understand the context in which these jokes are told there is no way you could find this funny. Besides that, the jokes really are not funny in any context. People that think these jokes are funny are the people that need the sitcoms to have canned laughter to tell them where to laugh. You are the people who think 3 And a Half Men or Big Bang Theory are great shows. I avoid you people like the plague that you are…………good night.


  7. Honestly, my opinion on this video would be that its very dehumanizing to the African American community although the script was very humourous and spoke upon issues in our political system.

  8. This degrades African American descents and shows how lowly we are and were thought of seamlessly time and time again made fun of on how oppressed and illiterate we were and how they still see us

  9. The video portrays how back then other races would bad-mouth on the African American race, although it does continue to expose the governments fundamentals. It contains factual statements that prove how the system conveys their laws to the public.

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