MIRACLE, BABY: NHL hockey player Cory Conacher Type 1 Diabetes [SUPRE Documentary Trailer 1]

Oh this thing? This is my insulin pump. I have type 1 diabetes. Living the dream of an NHL player you want to not only play in the NHL but you want to have a chance to win the Stanley Cup. That’s the ultimate dream. So… Tampa Bay is a team that is projected to finish first in the Atlantic and we have the best odds to win the Stanley Cup and I want to be a part of that. Why would Cory put himself in jeopardy as a small guy to go against these massive big strong guys who are a foot taller
than him in some cases. I think Cory focused on sports to keep his mind off of some of the things he was dealing with… Yeah, diabetes you want to call it a challenge, it’s a challenge. 90% of them or so will not have a family history and until you have it you have no idea He was really low and he kind of went into a shock… Participation sports adds a layer of complexity The hardest part is is just
you have to be so regimented. So I think that’s what they’re working on in
industry now is to try to get a faster fast acting insulin and the faster the better All the all these things with Cory in terms of his size and his… you know… diabetes I’m a little guy so I have to go in those dirty areas and go in front and do the little
things no matter who’s in the way I gotta go and get what I want Every time Corey’s on the ice I get concerned he’s gonna get hurt It’s not easy being a parent of a child with juvenile diabetes It’s with every single minute of every hour of every day

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