Miss Peaches on the Road: Paragliding

I just arrived here in Neustift in Stubaital in Austria, and today I’m going to meet Helen – she is a proffesional paraglider. She gave me a GPS location and it is supposed to be here, but acctually I can’t see her and I don’t know where she is. Ah, there she is! Hi!
Hey! Nice to meet you! How was your flight? It was amazing. OK, so let’s go up another time, because I want to go biking anyway. Yes, for sure! Flying is my only dream at the moment. I want to fly as often as I can. It’s like freedom if you’re in the air and nobody is around. Flying changed my life completely. So Helen, what about a little race? What kind of race? You with your bike and my with my paraglide? Exactly. That’s what I meant. There is no chance for you. Anyway, do you want to do it? OK, if you want… Alright, so then – see you down there! Hey Nina, wait for me! Oh, there is Nina. I think I will win. Congratulations! Thanks Nina. I’ve got a surprise for you. Oh my god! Guys, you really have to try this.

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