MLB Hitting Tips [Be A Better Hitter with these Baseball Hitting Tips!]

What’s up guys? Coach Madden, and I’m here with Omir Santos, former major league catcher
teammate of mine back in the day, we trained together at Core
speed and agility and we’re gonna talk a little bit of hitting today give me a
little bit of information on your routine that you used to go through and
your mindset as a major league hitter I mean mine say I got a huge you got to
have a plan to go out there because they have a family you so plan is huge if you
don’t have a plan forget about it you’re gonna be an out
they’re gonna get you out easily they have a primary you so you’re gonna have
to have a plan on them they know how they’re gonna how they’re gonna pitch
you so when you’re on deck now on deck every time everything start in the claw
house you got it you gotta know who’s pitching I mean now with these days you
know they have information information and everything if you play in college I
mean even in the minors I mean they have information even in trial ball you see
pictures here and you see it next week and you know what he throws and what he
cares you off with so you gotta have that mindset they have a plan every time
you come to the plate so you’re watching him you know what you know of him
beforehand and the major leagues obviously they’re gonna tell you in a
two out count he throws this many percent fast balls and you’re gonna know
everything obviously it gets less and less as you go down travel ball you
still see those guys every once in a while so the earlier you can know about
those pitchers the better off you’re gonna be
now take me through you’re in the game you get on deck what’s your mentality or
your routine when you’re on deck I’m there getting the timing and when you
get here on the batter’s box you cannot think of mechanical nothing to complain
you have to let the practice that you did before hand work on the game game is
no way to get mechanical or I gotta do this no I mean it’s to compete you
already there to complete hopefully the thing that you did in your practice
you’re gonna show up on the game so that’s why the mentalities and then have
a plan if you have a plan you have to have a plan so when you
they have a plan are you looking you know obviously the game situation could
be different obviously your plan is gonna be different based on the
situation of the game take me back to the on-deck circle what were you doing I
know it changes probably changed many times in your career but what were you
doing when you’re grabbing a bunch of bats and swinging them what did you do
to work on your timing for the pitcher I was always watched the pitcher if I was
on deck I was thinking what his command is right from the beginning of the of
the game the first hitter in throw I was gonna hit I always I already have a plan
when I was on deck get my timing in and what the pitchers command is commanding
and what he’s a strikeout pitches Bobby say oh that I always were ready for the
fastball gotta be ready for this fast but no way and it’s now if you have a
plan I’m gonna hit the breaking ball I don’t it that’s a plan you gotta be if
you’re ready for a fastball you’re gonna be ready for anything you gotta be ready
for the photo were you taking swings up there on the on-deck circle or were you
just basically watching them and working your hands or we taking full hacks what
we do sometimes I just do too few swings but most of the time I was watching the
game I was watching the picture I mean because doing that I mean one more swing
and everything with a weight I mean really doesn’t help you it doesn’t help
you matter of fact I mean they said am I making issue if you do see it with a
weight and on the circle your your your switch it’ll be slower that’s what they
said and it’s true I think because they put in practice they sure if you do it
with a heavy weight if you do a swing your own back
you better end up get your arm your back quicker to the Sun they’re getting away
because you tissue your brain just to swing something heavy and you’re not
going a full spin as you want that’s why we were saying practice as a game game
like so you’re shrinking go I mean and everything go quicker on the game that’s
a great point I think I saw a study that they did not only did it so them down
but it also messed the hitters swing up so he was miss hitting more
balls after swinging a heavier bat so that’s a pretty great piece of
information that you said also we were talking in another video we did about
that you know the weighted bat being an overload but more importantly in than
that and this is not so much going to the on-deck circle
but for training for bat speed maybe under load swinging a lighter bat could
be beneficial to gaining some bat speed and exit velocity for that as well now
take me through your mindset as a competitor meaning we’re in a close game
you got a stud MLB pitcher 60 feet six inches away from you and you get in here
what is the mindset to be a competitor and want to win because I see some guys
kids get up there and they just freeze up they’re just like and they and they
they their swing is all out of whack even if they have a great swing in
practice they’re all out of whack because the pressure gets to him what
was your mindset in the game I mean at that time you’re the best
nobodies it’s best on you I mean you got to be the best out there it’s like you
got to pull your dad pitching to you if you know if he’s something one of the
Hall of Fame pitching you know that we know or we’re in the big leagues but
here you you got to be the best I’m gonna get a hit I’m gonna help my team
I’m gonna do everything I can get a bit competitive but your mentality is from
on-deck to here I’m gonna get ahead no matter who’s pitching I’m gonna get a
hit that’s a great point that’s a great point and when you do that at least from
what I felt and I’m speaking more from the pitching standpoint because I was a
pitcher but when you when you tell yourself that and you talk to yourself
like that you start to feel better you started to feel more confident and when
you’re more confident in there you’re gonna be able to swing more freely so
you’re gonna let more of what the stuff that you did in practice come out in the
game if you’re walking up there with some swag and some confidence now there
is a fine line of being confident and being cocky now I’m sure you’ve played
with some guys who were more on the cocky level versus the common aside but
I think you want to ride that line as close as you can to being you know I’m
the man I’m I’m gonna get the job done no matter what because at the end of the
day if you don’t believe that you’re probably not
going to make it to that yes to that next level let’s talk about your routine
in the batting cage like what are you trying to do in in a normal practice
session we were talking about front toss and BP what do you go through what did
you use to go through have you changed your philosophy since then what do you
got since it’s being changed a lot I mean and I think it helps a lot people
now on the the hitters back in the day I used to go to my routine tea front toss
and some BP but I’m with the years now more game like practice it helps a lot
it helps out because I see it I see it I mean if you can practice get more
game-like I mean machine on BP now just fight so
straight fastball in between that and between those fights pitches makes
breaking balls I mean you’re not going to look good but on the game the harder
you practice this is going to come in the game and it’s being show I mean
because I’ve been it’s being story and I’ve been proof of that become seeing it
I’m seeing it you know I’ve been working with some people and I’m seeing it hard
practice and make the game easier and that’s the way I mean I get it a lot of
I mean people they’re not gonna like that practice because they want to look
look good and BP I want to make I want to hit some people oh you don’t want to
hit some homers I want to hit the ball hard but I mean he’s not helping you it
doesn’t help it doesn’t help but if you do random practice more game like it’s
gonna help I mean true and he’s gonna help so now let me ask you this are you
doing or some of the guys you’re working with are you doing are they doing T work
at all and flips front flips at all or is that 0% or is it more we try to get
90 80% live game like or what is the balance of yeah I said balance I mean
we’re not gonna get away from that the front of T or the front of I mean that’s
baseball we’re not gonna get away from that but now that’s less we can say is
like thirty thirty percent seventy percent of their practice is game
more game-like instead I throw the front toes on their hand we’re trying closer
but we’re gonna try over him same thing I mean maybe since people we see in the
army angle you know our motion over the top we don’t see this we can’t do that
maybe 30 percent together I mean warm and everything but after that we’re
gonna go over him so it’s kind of a same thing we’re just trying to do a more
game like let’s go back go back to young omere santos and we’ve got we’ve got
some high school-age hitters that are watching right now what would you know
Mir do let’s say if he wanted to practice his swing he didn’t have a
beautiful facility like this maybe all he had was his bat and a couple of balls
maybe he had a friend that could come out to work with him maybe not what are
some things that you would do back in the day to get ready for your season the
best friend you know they say best friend is your dog the best friend of
the place the tea tea will tell you anything you’re doing wrong so you don’t
need a partner or somebody to free your ball if you get a tea and a net or if
you got a tea you don’t have to have a net you might have a fence anywhere t1
ball in the back and that’s all you need that’s what you need now I guess the big
point to take away from there though is even though we’re doing more live
practicing nowadays you can’t make excuses to not get the work in if you
got a tee and a ball and a bat get to work in get the job done let me ask you
this were you lucky to be a major league player or did you have to work for it
I have to work for it yes yes absolutely how much let me ask you this how much
work did you have to put in was it like it was like two three days a week that
you worked on this like maybe an hour each day or how much everything every
single day seven days a week every day one hour a day no how many hours a day
you think maybe like three or four hours a day at least I remember when we were
trained enough there yeah I got a show Dionne dad that I got some when I was in
high school I got some friend that just moved here
and when they seemed in this trio I remember you when we will get out of
school and I went to my house in a bike change and come back to the field and
was right there across the other my high school and I used to wait for somebody
to play catch or hay and they used to pass a well you are the school just now
said oh yeah I want to practice and they just just to make fun of me and they
right now they they you say that too that they coaching they used to say that
to their players hey I remember this skin I used to make fun of him and he
made it but I made it I used to work hard I remember I remember they always
mention me that so now working hard obviously that’s something that you can
control you have full control over how hard you work right that’s one thing
that scouts look for what are some other things that scouts look for in regards
to hitting I mean be I disagree on the plate if they see you that you’re
getting hit swinging anything they don’t they’re
gonna say yeah but I mean when as soon he’s get in a bigger level or more
college level d1 they know how to pitch and you’re not gonna hit anymore you
gotta have a go spinner in and I go pitch because if you are walking or
getting cheap bases that’s not gonna I see those kids I mean somebody’s kid oh
I went three for three yeah triple tree like this that’s not gonna work when you
get keep scaling that that level it’s not gonna work
get a good pitch to hit and hit it hard and worry any any way if it’s in and out
they’re gonna they’re gonna see it they’re gonna see it they don’t they’re
not gonna see it a fees for example you got a kid that went three for three you
got a kid again when off of four with four line shots and in a in a game do
you know you pit or whatever you know why all the scouts go oh I didn’t get
drafted or whatever yeah but you guys see that swing they they look all that
so don’t worry about the results you have to worry about you know your your
planning and then your swing the result I gonna come and they know that that’s
why sometimes you know these parents are he and everything they’re getting caught
up on that oh well you’re not getting heads or whatever they don’t I get it
everybody want to get a base hit but it’s not that was so they know that I
remember I was watching a big leaguer one time getting I was in the playoffs
and the reporter was asking him you know what what’s going on you’re not hitting
so well this postseason when can we expect you to break out of the slump and
then she put the mic to him and he was looking at her like are you crazy
he’s like I’ve been smoking the ball around and he was happy yeah and he
hadn’t had a hit yet but he was feeling good hitting line drives and just
getting out but that’s a great mindset to have like even though you’re getting
out he was his batting average for the playoffs was zero and he was happy and
he looked at the reporter like she was out of her mind like you’re watching the
same game that I’m playing it because I’m smoking the ball so that’s a great
mindset to have for sure with these young guys and coaches who are watching
if you could leave them with one big tip that they can use to help them with
their hitting or even just mentally what would be the most important thing that
they can focus on to really take their game to the next level as a hitter
practice I mean try to make practice tougher hitting it um telling you it’s
not gonna look pretty but watch there is on the game make I mean game like
practice when you’re hitting and he’s no way a lot of different I’m telling you
it’s gonna make a lot of difference there you go
challenge yourself put in the hard work take it from a former major league
hitter catcher who was great player listen to the tips that he’s got for you
because if you implement this stuff you’re gonna have a lot of success man
he didn’t get there for any reason like you said hard work is a part of the
equation a big part of the equation so if you’re only putting in a day or
two or three couple minutes a day that’s really not going to help you get to that
next level so put it in the hard work that’s something that you can control so
get out there make sure you do it don’t forget to check out Amer stuff I’ll
leave all his links down below if you guys are ever in the Central Florida
area come check them out we’re here at triple crown Sports
Academy you can check it out at triple counts triple crown sports
also check out omere Santos baseball Kam’s calm thank you for watching guys
hop down in the comments below leave us any questions you got we’d be happy to
help answer them hey guys I want to ask for your help with something
Triple Crown Sports Academy Ameer Santos his wife coach Andrew a few other
organizations they got together and they were collecting some used baseball
equipment and recently they took all that equipment down to the Dominican
Republic and handed it out to players who really needed it he was telling me
there was over 200 kids there some of those guys were down there fielding with
bare hands fielding balls using broken bats and
equipment so it was really a great experience for them to go down there and
just see the benefit that these kids got from getting some of this equipment and
he said it was a real positive experience and they plan to do it again
and that’s what I’m reaching out to you for is to see if you guys have any used
baseball equipment now I’m gonna be going through my house in my garage and
seeing some of the stuff that I got I know I’ve got a bunch there and I want
to bring that as well and if you guys are interested in helping with their
cause their initiative and you have some old stuff laying around I’m gonna leave
a low you could ship your stuff right to that address I’ll make sure the right
people get it these guys are planning to go back to the Dominican Republic
Columbia possibly some places here in the United States you know they’re
playing just because of the success of it the first time is to keep doing this
and you know omere is one of the most generous people that I’ve come across in
the game of baseball and just in life in general and I just think it’s a really
great thing that he’s doing and I want to support it and you know having this
community you guys here on YouTube I just wanted to reach out and see if
anyone would like to do that as well so thank you always for the support here on
YouTube with me and if you do have some equipment we would be very grateful and
thankful to you if you send it in thank you so much guys I’ll talk to you soon

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  1. MUCH RESPECT Omir and Coach headed into surgery next week on my leg.guess im not gonna make my opening day bummed out.I still gonna take my 50 swing off a T  tomorrow. I keep grindin Coach.

  2. This is inspiring to push my kids harder. They just got smoked the other night by the heat. They need to practice more game like.

  3. Coach madden I'm 13 I throw 82 at top but after I pitch my arm hurts please can you give me tips to fix it?

  4. Hey john. I’ll watch this video later but I don’t have time now. I’ve got a doubleheader tmrw and I really want to get a lot of hits. Can you give me a few quick tips on getting hits in general. Not even necessarily for power. I have to go to bed I hope when I wake up that you have some tips. Thank you coach!

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