15 thoughts on “MLB: No evidence Astros used wearable buzzers to steal signs

  1. You are thick in your head missy
    I hope your children don't grow up with your appetite for supporting cheaters.
    And of course he denies it. That's how it always begins.

  2. Not surprising this lady sounds like Donna Trump… the way she quickly dismisses anything that doesn't fit her agenda.

    "Its been proven they're innocent…" meanwhile people being fired from ALL OVER the league

    It's like trump claiming he is innocent while those dudes get sentenced to prison and text messages leak of him trying to kill a U.S. diplomat.

  3. let's see…..altuve moves up in the box on a guy who throws 100 miles an hr…..hits a hr run that wins the series for his team…instead of being estatic …is freaking out about somebody ripping off his jersey…clutches it like it was gold…..run s right into the dugout , changes his shirt then comes out to be interviewed…i'm sure that wasn't a wire underneath his jersey on his rt side ..just some confetti….lol…..don't believe what you see…..just believe what these fools tell you.

  4. Ok KHOU …. So, how do you explain altuve hitting over .400 at home and under .100 at away games in the post season in 2017. Around .200 to .270 is believable. But not a .300 plus difference in batting average. Idk about you, but if I hit the homerun in 2019 against Chapman to go to the world series, that jersey is coming off! I'm not running straight to the locker room to change shirts then coming out. There's something fishy, and it'll all come to light. I promise

  5. This is what passes for a news station in Houston. What a joke. "Oh by the way, 8 more teams were listed in this" hey idiot, your team is the only one who didn't stop and continued to break the rules. Stop crying and face it like the man you want to be.

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