MLB Picks Today (06-27-19) Free Baseball Pick, Expert Predictions, Betting Tips and Lines!

what’s up everybody Kellen from Action
Backers here it’s a beautiful summer day it’s also the last day of school so if
you’re a parent buckle down because here your kids come Thursday June 27th let’s
talk about our MLB bets for the day for the early games the one o’clock games we
like the Detroit Tigers if you get them at plus money and it’s great value.have
them winning this game at roughly a 55% favorite so jump on the Tigers if you
can get them we like the Brewers run line so the Brewers – one and a half
against the Mariners that’s a 2 o’clock Eastern start get them at plus 103 or
better and you should take them that’s a good game we also like the the Cubs lots
of value on the Cubs against the Braves today we have them is winning out right
decent favorites what do we have a mat here yeah we have them about 55%
favorites so if you can get them anywhere between you know -1 110 or
better we got them at – 104 get to get the Cubs there’s lots of value there
interesting game so if some some of the night games here we found a ton of value
in the Miami Marlins now you don’t want to go crazy with this bet because they
are heavy underdogs and they’re running into Strasburg who’s a good pitcher but
there’s a huge value here at plus 179 so if you can give them a +1 79 or right
around there or better you’re gonna be in fine shape if you make this bet in
the long run you’re gonna make lots of money there so that’s the Marlins
against the Nationals take the Marlins and then in the late games we like the
Diamondbacks over the Giants again if you can get them between you know 110 or
better we got them for 104 – 104 I like I really like the Diamondbacks in this
spot lastly we like the Athletics tonight against the Angels if you can
get the angel or if you can get the Athletics for plus 130 or better we got
them for plus 140 definitely take the Athletics lots of value there
that’s it for today Thursday June 27th best of luck
I’m not going to tell you how much to bet on each game use your your resources
or however you want to do it or check out my other videos below to see how you
can use the Kelly criterion to to make a sense of how much you should wager see
in the next one

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